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How to Lose One Pound Per Week-Follow These 5 Simple Moves

Everyone knows that to  lose one pound per week, nutrition is most important followed closely by incorporating a good exercise plan to one's lifestyle.

When it comes to exercise, to get the most bang for your buck, one needs to use those exercises which burns the most calories which can help you lose weight faster.

The following are 5 simple exercises you can use which helps skyrocket calories and torch the metabolism.  I happened to find these over at Skinny

5 Moves That Burn Calories Like Crazy by Grace Hermanns

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To make your workout as efficient as possible, it may be necessary to switch up your routine. Keep your body guessing so it never gets adjusted to one or a few moves. Once you get good at an exercise, your body expends less energy to complete it. Engage all your muscles at different intervals; this will keep your body guessing, your metabolism working in overdrive, and your calories burning like crazy. Next time you’re looking to challenge the same muscles in new ways, try some of these moves!

Hamstring Ball Tuck: This rep will challenge your core muscles a lot more than a regular squat! It will sculpt your mid section without putting strain on your knees. You will need a stability ball for this. Lying on your back, place your heels and calves on the stability ball and have your arms resting by your side. Pressing your shoulder blades into the floor, lift your hips, bend your knees and drag your heels toward your butt, keeping your whole body lifted. Then, slowly extend both legs back into the resting position without dropping your hips to the floor. If this rep is new to you, only do a few at first and increase from there.

Side Plank Hip Dips: This plank is a challenging exercise, but challenging equals more calories burned! This rep is an effective way to increase your core strength, but in holding the pose, you’ll be contracting many different muscles such as the abdominals, obliques, hip flexors, quads and pecs. Repeat the rep on both arms to get the most burn.

Bench Sits: This is an awesome move that you can do anywhere there is a bench! Standing with your hands together in front of your chest and feet hip distance apart, bend your knees and push hips back over bench, keeping your knees over your ankles, and come to a sitting position. Next, you’ll want to lean back to make a V shape with your body. Tighten your core, stretch your legs out straight and lean back on your sitting bones. Stretch your arms out to the sides, hold it for a few seconds, and then slowly lower your feet to the floor and move back into your starting position. This rep will challenge leg and butt muscles!

To view the last 2 exercises and images of how to do them, click here

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