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How To Lose One Pound Per Week-Use The Exercise Program That Greets You Joyfully at The Door

With the New Year fast approaching, we all know that most people will have goal to lose weight. Most people also know that losing one pound per week is doable if they are able to stick to their plan.

I am just curious, did you know your four legged, furry friend can help you shed those unwanted pounds? I was just reading an an article about this and thought it was pretty interesting and true. It was tiled:

The Exercise Program That Greets You Joyfully at The Door By Robert S. Wieder

 Here is what it went on to say:

It’s the season of joy and conviviality and faith and sharing and celebration. It is also the season of charity, or at least the season of receiving quite a bit of mail from charities that wish to remind you how appropriate it would be for you to donate to them at this God-bless-us-every-one time of year. The mail mostly comes from charitable institutions that you have donated to in the past. In my case, that includes a lot of solicitations from organizations involved with animals, especially animals of the dog variety.
I chip into the usual mainline outfits like the Humane Society and the local ASPCA, but my heart really belongs to anybody devoted to canine rescue and restoration. Specifically, I tip my hat (metaphorically and financially) to Muttville and ARF. Muttville is a San Francisco operation dedicated to “senior dog rescue,” which means taking in older dogs who for various reasons no longer have homes, and trying to fix that by finding them new ones. ARF stands for the Animal Rescue Foundation, which is the creation and crusade of Hall of Fame baseball manager Tony LaRussa and which, while it isn’t exclusively focused on dogs, is also heavily involved in finding homes for those who have none.

Fat dogs + fat owners = fitness program

We have a lot of problems as a country, as a society. Two of them that have attracted my attention are homeless dogs, and human obesity. Dogs who need someone to take them in, and just as important, take them out, for walks, for jogs, for hikes, for romps. And unhealthily overweight people who desperately need to burn off some weight, to get moving, to become more active. You can see where I’m going with this.
Actually, I was drawn to making this connection, by a report about some veterinary researchers in Maryland who rounded up some dog-owning volunteers and told them that their dogs were overweight and needed more exercise than they were getting. Notice that nobody told the owners that they themselves were overweight and needed more exercise, but the researchers noted that this was the case with most of the owners as well. Half the owners were told explicitly to walk their dog for at least a half-hour per day, the other half were just told their pooch needed more activity.
Three months later, the people and their pups were re-checked and pretty much every person and dog in both groups was exercising more and had lost weight. This wasn’t exactly a stunning discovery. A broad review of studies covering the behavior of dog owners conducted last year found that on average, they spend an extra hour a week walking, compared to the dogless. Beyond that, it seems intuitively obvious, especially to those of us who are dog owners

Robert goes on to share more about the benefits of this relationships. To read is article in its entirely, you can visit

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