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Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat-Avoid These Top 3 Exercising Mistakes

As someone who is trying to lose excess body fat, the last thing I want to do is to use the wrong types of exercises to prolong the process. When I read the following article from Nick Pineault, I was a bit surprised about what he had to share. I always thought that long cardio sessions, working hard, etc. could ignite fat loss, but I guess I was wrong. Read on to discover  why doing these top 3 exercise mistakes can be your worst enemy!

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Last week at a supper in Manhattan, a colleague told us that her husband is literally (in her words) “sweating his butt off and leaving an ocean on the living room floor” ddoesn'tget any results from his extreme exercise...

To be perfectly honest, the fact that the guy – 47 years old – is not getting any leaner with these workouts doesn't surprise me at all.

I mean, CrossFit, hot yoga, kettlebells, spin classes and high intensity interval training sound like exciting ways to re-capture your youth.

But there's just one problem – most people are doing the SAME 3 exercise mistakes (that I share just below) that cause metabolic damage, accelerate aging and drain energy.

And a damaged metabolism is perhaps THE worst thing that can happen -- worse than not getting enough exercise, worse than having bad genetics and yes, even worse than eating poorly.

A damaged metabolism ages you prematurely, drains you of energy, makes you fatter and puts you at a dramatically increased risk for developing chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer's.

So please IMMEDIATELY stop making these 3 exercise mistakes below before it's too late.

Instead, consider a different type of exercise that's smart, efficient and absolutely torches the most amount of fat in the least amount of time.

And... without requiring you to jump around like a crazed circus monkey. More on that below...

Worst Exercise Mistake #1 - This Adds Belly Fat...

When you want to burn more fat, it's as simple as working out longer, right?


The longer you exercise, the more your body is under stress and the more you'll flood your body with the powerful stress hormone cortisol.

Cortisol causes you to lose muscle from your upper body and store fat, especially in your mid-section and lower trunk. That turns women into a pear shape and makes men look like a swollen apple.

However, what's interesting is that with the right type of metabolic training, cortisol can actually be harnessed to become a VERY powerful fat burner and muscle toner.

Instead of your enemy, it can become your fat burning friend. More on that in a moment…

Worst Exercise Mistake #2 - This Drives Sugar Cravings...

Getting the right intensity is important, but most people push TOO hard, which drives your sugar and carb cravings through the roof.

That's exactly the OPPOSITE of what you want to happen as there's no more powerful metabolically damaging substance on the planet than sugar.

It triggers a process called glycation, which coats your cells with a thick caramel-like substance, preventing oxygen and nutrients from getting into your energy-producing mitochondria and at the same time preventing toxins from getting out.

That's like starving, choking and drowning them all at the same time -- not good for your energy levels!

No doubt you've seen those crazy infomercial workouts that encourage intense, non-stop exercise for 30 minutes or more with NO rest? What a challenge!

Looks great with all of those sweaty, lean bodies, but what they don't show you is what happens after that workout... when they are absolutely drained of energy, in a horrible mood and craving nothing but fattening, sugary carbs.

But as you'll see in a moment, strategically resting DURING your workout is the #1 key to burning fat and shaping muscle properly -- and without damaging your metabolism.

Worst Exercise Mistake #3 - The "Circus Workout"

BEWARE of the "circus workout". What the heck is that?

It's a workout that has you jumping around so much from one thing to the next that you NEVER create a strong enough signal that tells your metabolism to burn fat and tone muscle.

You see this mistake all the time with people hopping from one machine to the next, scurrying all over the gym or jumping all over their living rooms trying to imitate the "insane" moves on the TV.

It's like exercise ADD -- no wonder they don't get the results... the never focus on one thing enough for it to make a metabolic difference.

They key is to create a metabolic disturbance sufficiently powerful enough that it forces your body to respond... but also NOT so much that the body is too stressed out as we learned before.

It is like goldilocks. Not too much... not too little... but juuuust right.

Then, when you hit this magic metabolic sweet spot, your hormonal chemistry adjusts in a way that burns up large amounts of energy (mostly fat) during the 2-3 days after your workout as your body recovers, repairs and prepares to be challenged again.

Nick Pineault

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