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How to Lose 3 Pounds A Week-How to Avoid Health And Fitness Gone Bad

One of the fitness experts I follow is Nia Shanks. What I appreciate about her is her no nonsense approach to health and fitness as it relates to women. She speaks her mind and when it come to fat and weight loss and  has lots of good stuff to say.

In a recent blog post, Nia talked about how some of the messages we receive as women can be degrading and misleading. If we want to lose a few pounds a week, by following the misleading info and myths out there for women, we will have a hard time achieving our goals.

I have shared some of what Nia has to say below. To read her article in its entirely, you will want to visit her website at http://www.niashanks.com/2014/04/fitness-degrade-women/

I do hope you will benefit from it and that it will help empower you truly are capable of as a woman. I also encourage you to take a look at that "crazy wrap thing" in the weight loss resources below. If you do what Nia says and use the wrap, you will have a rockin body!

Train Hard and Expect Success!


Health And Fitness Gone Bad – When It Degrades Women, And What We Can Do About It

I was once told that my Lift Like a Girl t-shirt was degrading. That the whole lift like a girl manifesto was degrading to women.
I took the statement for the ignorant comment it was, laughed it off, and went about my day. But later on I couldn’t help but think about the messages that are still, unfortunately, being spread in the world of women’s fitness. The ideas, statements, and philosophies that are degrading.
Such as . . .
  • Telling women they should never lift more than five pounds or else they’ll risk losing a “feminine physique” and not live up to society’s standards and labels. (Even though groceries, children, and purses women pick up on a daily basis easily surpass this five pound limit, but they neglect to mention that).
  • Discouraging women from seeing what they’re truly capable of doing physically, is degrading.
  • Telling women to constantly try to eat less, weigh less, and be less in any form is degrading.
  • Telling women to refrain from deadlifting their bodyweight, and more, because that’s “too much for them”, is degrading.
  • Telling women they have no excuse to not look a certain way is degrading.
  • Discouraging women from doing pull-ups, squats, and pressing and pulling heavy dumbbells is degrading.
  • Imposing limitations on women's strength, to any capacity and in any form, is degrading.
  • Attempting to put all women in a one-size-fits-all mold is degrading.
All of that is degrading.
The people and messages that tell women “not to lift too heavy” not only degrades us, but what days is say to the generations of young women who look to us for guidance?

I don’t have children but I like knowing some younger women in my life see that I am strong and that I focus on, and am proud of, what my body can DO . . . not just how it looks

To read more from Nia about this topic, visit http://www.niashanks.com/2014/04/fitness-degrade-women/

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