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I Want To Be Thin Now-How Over Exercising Keeps You Fat and Ages You

So, I would like to be a thinner now like a lot of women out there! Everybody knows its not easy. Everybody says it can be done with the proper exercise regimen and a solid, clean eating program.  However, have you ever heard that exercising too much can lead to problems and can making it really difficult for you to  lose fat? I know, its hard to believe, but seems to be true!

I am a subscriber to Nick Pineault's, author of "The Truth About Fat Burning Food." In a recent mailing, one of his contributors, Shaun Hadsall, shared how this can easily happen on a cellular level is we are not being mindful of what we are doing. It was good information to know so I thought I would share it with you.

Enjoy the article! Remember to always check out the weight loss resources links. s.

It's just a fact.

Exercising too much can make you age faster...

Why? The explanation lies in your mitochondria -- which Shaun
talks about below.


Hidden deep inside your body’s cells are tiny little energy
producing membrane structures called mitochondria.

These mitochondria are responsible for a variety of vital
processes related to your health and fat-loss including;

- Adequately producing ATP.

This is your body’s primary energy system and it provides
95% of the cellular energy that powers ALL living functions.

- Efficient fat burning.

Mitochondria are responsible for allowing fat to be transported
in and out of the cell, so it can be “burned off”.

- How long you live.

That’s right. A growing number of scientists and cell biologists
are now saying mitochondria can even control life span. So
adequate mitochondrial function is how you can keep your
body looking younger and potentially live a longer life.

However, EVERY day when we wake up and live life,
we’re damaging our mitochondrial DNA without even
realizing it.

- Preservatives and obesity additives from the foods we eat…
- Chemicals and toxins from the water we drink and the air we breathe…
- High intensity exercise, lack of recovery, and inadequate sleep…
- Even too much alcohol…

All these things contribute to destroying our mitochondria.

On the other hand…

…If you can learn how to consistently STOP the damage
and deterioration of these little buggers you’ll live longer,
look younger, have more energy and burn way more fat.

Here are 3 simple steps you can take to REVERSE mitochondrial

1) Controlling insulin levels with proper food choices and

Tip: Remember to NEVER eat processed, starchy carbs or
excessive amounts of overly ripe fruits all by themselves. Always
try to add protein and/or fibrous veggies.

2) Taking care of your digestive health because it controls 80%
of your immune system and helps prevent mitochondrial damage.

Tip: Get adequate amount of “good” bacteria in your diet. Raw
sauerkraut, kefir, and raw cheese are 3 great sources.

Although research now indicates is not enough.

That’s why my wife Karen and I use THIS PROVEN METHOD to
control the bugs in our guts.

3) Making sure you’re not exercising TOO MUCH because it can
age you FASTER and release excessive amounts of cortisol, which
stops fat-loss.

Tip: Avoid over training. STOP doing long duration-excessive cardio
workouts, stretch and stay adequately hydrated.

All of these things will help you recover faster and prevent the
cellular damage that can age you faster and block fat-burning.

Shaun Hadsall


Great stuff from Shaun. I plan to keep his how to be thin tips in mind!

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