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Best Way To Lose Tummy Fat-The Post Workout Hormonal Trick that Double Fat-Loss

Everybody knows that hormones which are out of whack can have a negative effect on our weight and fat loss goals. Most people don't realize that there is a post workout hormonal trick that can double your body's ability to burn fat. In fact, this trick will turn your body into a fat burning machine running 24-7!

What is it? Well, in the report below Shaun Hadsall will share with you exactly what it is. Trust me, if you do what Shaun says you will lose the results!

By Shaun Hadsall
Stubborn Fat Expert & CPT

One thing that you probably hear all the time is that
you should try to eat or have a protein shake as fast
as possible after exercise to feed your muscles.

And if your goal is to gain muscle this is probably the
best choice.


...If your goal is to burn fat and the intensity is high
enough during exercise (which 90% of the time it
should be), using this approach can actually block

Let me quickly explain so you can maximize the hormonal
effect and increase fat-burning after your workouts.

The Post Workout Hormonal Trick that Double Fat-Loss

This is a trick that definitely goes against the grain and would
probably get an old-school bodybuilder all riled up.

But I recommend you keep your body in a fasted state after high
intensity exercise for at least 30 to 60 minutes.

This is great trick that I've personally used for years to get (and
stay) lean despite what every other fitness expert or guru may tell
you. And I never lose muscle using the trick.

Here's the simple science.

Hopefully you know by now that high intensity exercise will force
your body to release all kinds of fat burning hormones by ramping
up your sympathetic nervous system.

This is what helps create a fat burning hormonal environment inside
your body.

However, the minute you consume calories, you'll spike your body's
primary storage hormone - insulin.

And although insulin helps shuttle nutrients to muscles quickly, it
could potentially blunt or block your growth hormone and other
hormones from working their magic after workouts.

Simply put, insulin is the "antagonist" of growth hormone and
possibly other hormones. And every time you eat or consume
calories, you raise insulin.

In theory, the absence of insulin along with the presence of these
"fight or flight" hormones will also spare muscle and help you burn
a lot more stubborn fat.

That's why I recommend you ride the fat burning wave during this 30
to 60 minute post workout window.

Ultimately, when it comes to aggressive fat loss, the solution is
to get the best of both worlds.

You can do this by fasting for about 30 to 45 minutes after your
workout and then consuming a post workout shake or meal.

This way your body can still take advantage of the post workout
"metabolic hormonal window" to burn fat, while still getting
nutrients soon enough to absorb nutrients at a much faster rate.

A word of caution: Do NOT try this approach if you're not healthy
or have sugar issues. Get cleared by your doctor and build a
foundation of basic conditioning first.

But if you're experienced and you're belly flab won't budge, this
hormonal metabolic trick might just to the trick.

And if your goal is to gain muscle, having a protein or nutrition
shake immediately after exercise is the logical choice.

You'll help facilitate faster recovery and burn up and store
nutrients at a much faster rate because of enhanced insulin
sensitivity and increased metabolic rate.

But if your goal is to burn fat, the minute you put calories in
your system you've just instructed your body to stop burning fat
and start burning calories instead.

If you'd like to gain muscle and burn fat at the SAME time,
it gets a little trickier. You have to customize.

And that's where my buddy Rusty Moore's Visual Impact
Blueprint can provide the perfect solution. I've went through
this entire course and was personally impressed with the

Rusty is an expert on the two types of muscle growth that
affect the "look" of a muscle.

Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy: This is growth caused by the increase in
fluid (sarcoplasm) within a muscle cell. This is a fast way to
increase the size of a muscle, but since sarcoplasm is a fluid and
can't won't make the muscle significantly stronger.

Myofibrillar Hypertrophy: This is actual muscle fiber growth. This
adds a lot less to the "size" of a muscle than sarcoplasmic growth,
but since muscle fiber can will make the muscles
significantly stronger.

You can learn more about this unique approach by clicking
the link below:

Men click here ==> Create a visually stunning body with "targeted" muscle gains

And if you're a female (of any age) looking for a workout that
specifically creates the "slim" feminine physique, Rusty's
program for women is the perfect fit:

Women click here ==> A workout system for the SLIM, feminine physique

Have an awesome Sunday,

Shaun Hadsall

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