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How to Lose Three Pounds a Week-WORSE Than Fast Food (and you're eating it every day)

As someone who is looking to lose the final 10 pounds, I have found Joel Marion & Josh Bezoni's weekly emails, packed full with weight loss tips, to be very helpful.

As someone who pays close attention to what I eat, I was suprised at what they revealed in a recent newsletter. There is something WORSE than fast food lol?

As it turns out, there is. Read on to discover what it is. If you follow what the guys recommend AND use that 'crazy wrap thing", you will be able to get into those skinny jeans and bikini again! Just visit

Train Hard, Eat Well, and Expect Success!
Monique Hawkins

WORSE Than Fast Food (and you're eating it every day) by Joel Marion & Josh Bezoni

If you're a health conscious individual, you likely cringe at even the mention of fast food.

McDonald's.  Burger King.  Wendy's.


We all know that fast food for the most part is REALLY bad news, so if you're going to go "out to eat", whatever you do, don't eat fast food.  Instead, try a nice sit-down restaurant in which an independent study recently determined that when compared to the golden arches and king of burgers, those who choose sit-down restaurants wind up eating TWICE as many calories than those that choose fast food.


Eye-opener:  What appears to be healthy at a restaurant, very likely aint healthy.

The reality is that sit down restaurant meals, due to their exceptionally large portions and often irresponsible preparation methods (with respect to calorie content) give very little regard to health and weight management.  Restaurants want you to LOVE the food, be satisfied, and come back.  For the most part, with few exceptions, that's their number one goal...and it comes at the expense of your health and that oh so lovely figure you're trying to obtain and maintain.

Does that mean you should never eat out?  No, we eat out all the time.  But you have to be aware of what goes down, and YOU have to be the one in control of the meal.  Here are some tips:

1.  When you order, ask the server to have half of your entree bagged up to go and half brought out to you.  Instant 50% reduction in calories!

Chances are, you'll be just as satisfied with 1/2 the normal portion, but when the whole thing is on your plate in front of you, you'll always eat more just because it's there.

2.  Give VERY specific instructions on how you want your food prepared.  For example, order your meat grilled with absolutely no sauces, butter, etc.  Skip the "pre-made" salad dressings and request olive oil and vinegar instead.  Ask how things are prepared -- it's your server's job to answer your questions and you're paying them to be an expert and deliver to you exactly what you want.  If you don't want a boatload of hidden calories, make sure you don't get them by speaking up and clarifying what you want.

Implement those 2 tips and you'll avoid 75% of the calories in a typical restaurant entree.

Want another incredibly easy to use diet tip?  It actually only takes a few short seconds to implement each day:

 30-second daily trick FLATTENS your belly

To your success,

Joel & Josh

Joel Marion & Josh Bezoni
Founders, BioTrust Nutrition

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Easy Diet Plans-Are You Purchasing Fat Burning Foods?

Did you know that if you are looking to lose the weight and keep it off, you need to make sure you are buying foods that will help your body burn the fat?

As it turns out, this is very important. If you know how to shop and what to look for, you will find that purchasing the right foods will make it much easier for you to stick to your diet plan PLUS never go hungry.

The following is an article which outlines a very helpful blueprint on how to shop. If you shop how Joel recommends, you will be eating very healthy plus turn your bod into a fat burning machine. I

My fat-burning grocery list (print this out)-by Joel Marion

One of the biggest struggles that folks have is knowing how shop and choose the right foods when visiting the grocery store.  And while there are SO many choices and a TON of confusion at your local grocer, they've actually made it really EASY for you to shop, if you know what sections to visit, and which to avoid.

In fact, I can get in and out of the grocery store with a full cart of fat-burning groceries in just 15 mins nowadays, simply because I know I'll NEVER even visit 90% of the store aisles on most visits.

So, before we get into my exact grocery list, here's my EASIEST grocery store tip EVER:

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and avoid the middle aisles.  That's it!

Here's why it works:

With few exceptions, the middle aisles of the grocery store are full of processed, packaged foods while the perimeter contains almost all of the whole, natural foods you'll need to stock up your fat-burning kitchen.

Here's my usual routine when visiting my local grocery store, and I'm sure your store is set up in a similar way.

When I walk in the door I make sure to walk right on past the bakery!  Did you know that nearly every grocery store puts the bakery right at the entrance intentionally?  If they can get your saliva glands working right away, it's very likely you'll spend more as you travel through the store...nothing in a grocery store's layout is by accident, which is why I know your store is probably laid out the same way.

So, quickly pass by the bakery and head straight to the produce section...this is where wholesome goodness starts...fresh fruits & veggies.  In my most recent trip, here are the items I grabbed from the produce section:

Green Beans
Sugar Snap Peas
Red Potatoes
Romaine Lettuce

Of course there are a ton of other great choices lying around the produce section...pretty much any vegetable and/or fruit would be a great fat-burning, nutrient-rich choice.

I then walk 5 steps from the produce section to the fresh meats and poultry.  At our grocery stores here in Florida (Publix) they have an "all natural" section of the meat department called Greenwise where you can get all-natural and organic meats that are sourced from animals not treated with hormones and antibiotics...your store probably has something like this as well.  Just ask if you aren't sure.

From this section I grabbed:

All Natural Chicken Sausage
Grass Fed Ground Beef
Grass Fed Chuck Roast (for pot roast)
Organic Chicken Breast
Grass Fed NY Strip Steaks

Next up is the milk and eggs section, again right on that back wall (still haven't ventured into the aisles at all).  From here I picked up:

Organic Large Eggs
Organic Butter
Organic Whole Milk

Along the very last aisle in the store are some more dairy items where I grabbed:

Organic Greek Yogurt
All-Natural Cheddar Cheese

Also in that last aisle is water, so I grabbed a case or two and that essentially took me back to the front of the store to check out.  A full cart of fat-burning groceries all while NEVER visiting the center aisles where I'm sure I would have been tempted to toss in a bunch of processed garbage like cookies, crackers, chips, ice cream, cereal, stove top pasta "mixes"...and the list goes on.

If I do ever make a strategic trip into the middle of the store, it's almost always to get these items:

Tomato Puree

And that's about it.

Follow that simple advice next time you're at the grocery store and you'll be in and out in no time while avoiding all those processed items that wind up ruining your diet once you get them home.

Enjoy the day!
Joel Marion, CISSN
Co-Founder, BioTrust Nutrition

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