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Losing Weight After 40-25 Weight Loss Tips to Keep the Weight Off for Good

Whether you looking for an effective weight loss plan for women over 40 because you are now 40 or, are younger than 40 and looking for a plan that will work best for you, there small steps that you can take each day to lose the weight.

If you sometimes get off track, after reading the article below, you will learn once and for all not only how to keep on track, but also simple tips to follow to keep the weight off. I won't include all of the tips, but will give you a link so that you can learn more if you so desire!

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25 weight loss tips-Read this once a week to stay on track! From Women's Health and Fitness, Australia

1. Reward yourself
So you've been following your training program, working out hard and eating well. It’s time for you to go shopping and treat yourself to those new tight-fitting jeans you had your eye on. Rewarding yourself once a month or when you achieve a new goal is a fantastic way to ensure you stay motivated.

2. Don’t quit just because you've had a bad day
Okay, we've all done it. Got up and had pancakes for breakfast, a burger for lunch and pizza for dinner. Whatever the reason, days like this happen and often we don’t even realise until after. If you have a bad day, just put it behind you and start your healthy eating plan again tomorrow. After eating all the bad food your body will probably also be craving the healthy stuff!

3. Stock up
Snacking on fruit and healthy biscuits is a great way to ensure you don’t eat junk food, but do lift your metabolism. Fill your top drawer at work with muesli bars, protein bars and always have fresh fruit close by. You never know when you’ll feel like a light snack.

4. Avoid crash diets
This is possibly the worst thing you can do to lose weight as you’ll find when you go off a crash diet, you’ll probably put on more weight than what you started with. Crash diets promote mainly water and muscle loss which is exactly what you want to avoid, because the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism will be.

5. Know why you want to lose weight
If you want to lose weight because your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or family are urging you, then it’s simply not going to work. Know why you want to lose weight, and more importantly do it for yourself. It can be anything from toning your body, to wanting to fit into last year’s pants, but always have something to work towards.

6. Cut back on the booze
Not only is alcohol filled with fat, having one or two big drinking sessions can really alter your weekly program. Often after a night out, the next day you either eat junk food or don’t eat at all, and sometimes (most times) you can’t exercise. If you’re going to go out, plan what sort of night you’re having and try to coincide it with a light exercise day – even if you just go for a walk.

7. Indulge (occasionally)
Food is meant to be enjoyed and some of the most delicious foods in the world (I’m thinking chocolate and pavlova) are fattening, but you can’t restrict yourself forever. Having the occasional ice cream, or popcorn when you’re at the movies is fine – just don’t overdo it. You’ll find if you give yourself some leniency with the occasional treat, instead of banning it completely, when you do have a splurge it won’t be disastrous. (Just remember it’s okay to have a few pieces of chocolate, it’s not okay to eat the whole block).

8. Prepare ahead – cook and freeze
How often do you drive to the local KFC or McDonald's because you want something quick to eat? Ensure you always have something healthy in the freezer or cupboard, both at work and at home, that you can cook up with no fuss. Spend a Sunday preparing healthy stir-fry's, pastas and mixed vegetables. Freeze, and pull them out when you feel like heading down to the local fast food chain.

9. Don’t blame the weather
You may come up with a million excuses why you can’t exercise but the weather – hot or cold – is not one of them. If it’s a hot day, head down to a gym that’s air-conditioned or even better do some laps at the local pool. If it’s freezing run on the treadmills at the gym, or try the advice of legendary bodybuilding trainer George Tabban – take a raincoat and umbrella while walking!

10. Lift weights
The quickest and most effective way to tone and shape your body is to combine weights with a cardio program. Despite what anyone may tell you there is no possible way a woman can develop huge muscles following a light weights program. Lifting weights increases muscle, and lean muscle burns more kilos than fat.

11. Join a team
It’s often so hard to motivate yourself to go for a run or head to the gym when you’re the only one it’s going to affect. Join a local basketball or netball team, and every week you’ll be required to turn up and exercise. Before long you’ll be having so much fun playing (and socializing!), you’ll forget you’re actually putting yourself through some quality exercise.

12. Go to the gym
Investing in a gym membership is great motivation to ensure you actually use it. Gym memberships aren’t cheap and when you’re forking out your hard-earned cash you’ll be surprised how often you turn up, just so you get your money’s worth.

These are great weight and fat loss tips. Read this once a week to stay on track! Catch the article in its entirety at

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