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Find Your Perfect Diet-How to Find The Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Now days, there seems to be so many diet plans out there. If you are seeking to find your perfect diet, it may seem a bit daunting and confusing to say the least!

I just happened to come across an article which I felt put everything into perspective. Hopefully, it will provide some good guidance for you as you seek to achieve your weight and fat loss goals.

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How To Find The Perfect Diet
By Patricia Zelkovsky

Does this sound like you? You see that a new diet book has been released, and it's moving up the best seller list, so you've got to go out and get it. Then after bringing the book home and trying to stay on the diet for a few days you give up.

You have found that you are hungry all the the time and that it seems almost impossible to stick with it. But your best friend Julie has lost tons of weight with this diet, so why can't you? That is because you have not picked a diet that is based on your food preferences, the way your meals are scheduled or even your lifestyle. You just followed the herd and assumed that this was finally going to be the diet for you, but it doesn't work that way. Before you attempt to start any diet there are a few key things about this or any other diet that you need to know beforehand so that you can match it up to your taste and personality.

Before starting any new diet ask yourself these questions:

Does the diet appear to be sound nutritionally? If it forces you to omit a food group, then you won't be getting the nutrition that your body needs. Skip this type of a diet.

Is it asking you to give up the foods you love? Ok, with a diet you can be expected to give up junk food and low nutritional snacks but if it tells you that you can't have bread, and that's one of your favorite foods, then you know right up front that you won't last more than two weeks.

Are you asked to have foods you hate? If the main foods that you are to eat are liver and calf's brains and you don't like them, don't think that the lure of losing 30 pounds is going to make you want to eat these foods.

Do you have to eat at certain times of the day? If you are a late night snacker and the diet states that I can't eat after 5:00 PM, again your not going to stick with it.

So what if there is no "official" diet out there that fits in with your way of eating? Why not create your own? I'm not talking about whipping up a totally unique type of diet, I mean stick with the tried and true, wholesome, no nonsense type of a meal plan. You already know that you should be relying on fruits, veggies, non-fat dairy products, lean meats and 100% whole grain breads, so why not create a shopping list and menu plan featuring these foods? You don't to plan anything outlandish, Just stick to honest food, avoid the junk and snacks and you will lose the weight. You don't need a book to do it.

Sticking to a simple plan has helped millions lose weight. The only way that you are going to lose weight and keep it off forever, is to plan on a diet that you will be able to live with forever. If it happens to be a popular diet, well that's great, but don't just jump on the next hot diet bandwagon blindfolded. Read all you can about it first, ask the above questions and go in knowing what is expected of you. Being an informed dieter, is the only way you will find your perfect diet.

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