Sunday, February 24, 2013

Easy Diet Plans-Why You May Want To Consider Going Vegan

Today, there are many easy diet plans for people to choose from. However, as someone who is vegetarian and working hard on going vegan, I have to admit I may be a bit biased! However, I do believe that when one puts in their body food in its original form as much as possible, the body will respond by not only shedding the excess fat and weight, but also will become more healthy.

Going vegan may seem overwhelming and a daunting task at first. However, if you truly desire to do this, then make gradual changes and in time, you will find yourself adjusting very well to this different way of eating.

I thought I would share with you a video which teaches the benefits of going vegan. The presenter, Hesh Goldstein, describes how a "Vegan Diet Can Save Your Health and Money". He describes the numerous ethical, health, and environmental advantages of a vegan diet. He explains how the U.S. "Health Care Crisis," so hotly debated in Washington recently, is in actuality the result of the government's own USDA agricultural subsidies, which give financial aid only to the unhealthiest products of U.S. agriculture. When combined with the advertising tax deductions given by the IRS and exploited by the unhealthiest offerings of the U.S. food industry, we have an explanation for the blackout of real health news by the ad driven American media.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Losing Baby Belly-7 Steps to Help You Slim Down in Less Time

Losing baby belly fat and fat in other areas of your body sometimes seems pretty challenging. Most times, it is better to start with small goals and then continue to add more as you progress.

If you are looking at a 5-10 pound weight loss as a starting point, then the following tips from author Malia Frey to to help you slim down will be extremely helpful!

How to Lose 10 Pounds-7 Steps to Help You Slim Down in Less Time By Malia Frey

Do you want to slim down? If you need to lose a relatively small amount of weight, say five or ten pounds, your weight loss strategy will be different than a strategy designed for more significant weight loss. Use these steps, tailored specifically for a ten-pound weight loss, to set up your plan. Then, get to work, stick to your program and get ready to enjoy a slimmer, sleeker new you.

1. Set a Short Term Goal
Get out a piece of paper and take a few minutes to write out why those ten pounds matter. Are you getting ready for a beach vacation? Do you want to look great at your next holiday party? Are you hoping to turn heads at your high school reunion? Be specific. Then create mini goals and rewards for each week on your weight loss journey. Post your goal and your reward schedule in a place where you see it every day.

2. Get Support From Family and Friends
Get the word out. Let everyone know that your goal is to lose 10 pounds. Use your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to help keep you on track. Enlist as many people as possible. Consider using social media, like the Weight Loss Facebook page and other creative sources for support, tips and healthy daily reminders.

3. Count Calories
Find out how many calories you need to lose weight. Then use a tracking device such as to track and monitor your caloric intake. A notepad also works well if you prefer the old school approach. Write everything down and be absolutely sure that you are accurately measuring serving size. You might be surprised by the number of calories you actually consume when you add up the meals, snacks and drinks that you enjoy each day.

These are just the top 3 out of the 7 weight loss tips that Malia shared. To read her article in its entirely, visit

Sunday, February 10, 2013

How to Lose Baby Belly Fast-5 Ways to Build a Lean Body

If you want to get a lean and tight body with little body and belly fat, in addition to clean eating, one of the best things you can do is to work on building up your muscle mass. This is achieved by lifting weights. Some of you may be worried because you think you need to hit a gym! No need to worry because there are plenty of exercise DVD's you can purchase and work out with in the comfort of your home. In you commit to clean eating and working out, you will begin to see dramatic changes in your body plus feel better!

Makua Frey has written a great article in which she provides tips on how to build muscle through exercise and clean eating. She recommends:

"Add HIIT. High intensity interval training is a great way to burn body fat in a short period of time. Is it easy? No. But it is effective. If you are healthy enough for vigorous physical activity, incorporate one high intensity workout into your schedule this week. As your level of fitness improves, try to add one or two more sessions to your schedule each week.

Do strength training. No, you don't need to become a body builder, but when you created your balanced workout program last week, you should have incorporated at least 2-3 days of body weight or weight lifting activities to build muscle. Make sure those workouts stay a priority.

Learn to make smoothies. After you complete your workout, be sure that you refuel effectively. A smoothie is a great way to do that, as long as you keep the calorie count in check and include plenty of healthy protein."

Malia had 2 more additional tips to share. To read the article in its entirety, visit

This article was part of her e-course "6 Weeks to a Better Body". I hope you found this helpful! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to Lose Baby Belly Fast-The top 10 Things to stop Doing


Most people when they are looking to l ose the baby belly fast focus on learning more about things they should be doing to get the excess weight and fat off. Sometimes though, it is important to consider what we should AVOID doing to help us reach our goals.

In a recent article from Malia Frey, she discussed 10 things to STOP doing in ordert to lose weight. I thought it was really good, so I thought I'd share some excerpts from it.

10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want to Lose Weight
By Malia Frey

Are you beginning to think that you can't lose weight? Does it feel like all of your diet efforts backfire and cause weight gain? If you want to shed pounds, find out which common weight loss mistakes might be preventing you from getting the results that you want.

1. Stop choosing the wrong diet.
How often have you chosen a diet because it worked for a friend? Perhaps you were inspired by a celebrity spokesperson? A diet might be perfect for someone else, but their needs, their lifestyle, and their food preferences could be completely different from yours.

Instead, ask yourself five important questions about your diet history, medical background, and sources of support. The answers will help you to identify your specific needs as a dieter and help you to choose the best weight loss plan for you.

2. Stop setting unrealistic goals.

Dieters are often highly motivated and full of excitement at the beginning of their weight loss program. It is often during this phase that they set unrealistic goals for weight loss. But unrealistic expectations can cause weight gain when lack of progress leads to lack of motivation.

Instead, take the time to sit down and set both short- and long-term goals. By setting up small, achievable steps on the way to your larger goal, you set yourself up for gradual success. Incremental steps will also help you to stay motivated through the entire weight loss process.

3. Stop using "lack of time" as an excuse.

One of the most common barriers to weight loss is the belief that you don't have enough time. One study found that 41% of women cited "lack of time" as the reason that they didn't eat better and 73% of women said they didn't exercise because they didn't have the time. The bottom line is that if you want to lose weight, you have to find a way to carve out time for healthy activity.

Instead of giving up, get out an old-fashioned paper calendar. Find windows of time that are not consumed by absolute necessities. Then schedule time for healthy food preparation and exercise. Pen in these items and schedule everything else around them. Don't be afraid to put other priorities on the back burner or ask for help (see item #4) so that you can take the time you need to make your health a top priority.

4. Stop isolating yourself.
In a recent interview with Biggest Loser runner-up Hanna Curlee, she said that the most important thing she learned during her successful weight loss experience was to ask for help. "I was ashamed to ask for help," she said. "I could have called someone and reached out for help, but I thought I didn't have anyone." She realized later that she had friends and family who were willing and able to help her through her weight loss journey.

Instead of isolating yourself, learn how to get diet support from family and friends. Take the time to identify your needs for yourself and then approach others. That way, you'll be clear about defining specific ways in which they can help.

5. Stop underestimating your food intake.

Do you really count all of your calories? Remember that even tiny 25-calorie nibbles here and there throughout the day can add up. Snacks count, food from your dining partner's plate counts, and calories consumed during food preparation count.

Instead of relying on guesswork, use a food tracker like the one at The website provides a great tool, and there is even a mobile app that will help you track every food that you consume. Make your entries more accurate by purchasing an inexpensive food scale. The tool will allow you to report the exact size of each portion you consume. Compare prices to find a scale that fits in your budget.

Malia discusses 5 additional strategies as well. To read her article in its entirely, visit

Some of her suggesstions really hit home with me! I am sure they will with you as well.