Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Quick: Three Simple Steps to Sleek Thighs Guaranteed

For women who are trying to lose fat and weight, there is another major pain they may be facing. It’s a problem many women face, trying to get rid of that annoying cellulite! Many wonder how to get rid of cellulite quick. One of the reasons most women of all ages and sizes desire to lose weight and fat is so that they can have nice sleek, cellulite free thighs. Following are three simple tips to follow for sleek thighs.

1.       Follow an anti-cellulite diet. While losing weight will cause fat cells to shrink, being mindful of what you eat is even more important. To help banish cellulite for good, eat less fatty foods since dietary fat easily converts into body fat.  In addition, dietary fat will cause a person to feel hungrier for fatty foods due to an increase in the production of galamin.

Along with avoiding fatty foods, also carefully monitor your sugar and alcohol intake as these will raise insulin levels which in turn will increase fat storage. Eat more fiber and protein as these will help you feel fuller.

2.        Exercise regularly. The best type of exercise to banish cellulite and get those nice, sleek thighs is one 
routine that will stretch and tone your muscles. Examples of these exercises include Yoga, Tai Chai, and ballet. Isometric exercises also will lengthen and smooth muscles. In addition, doing interval training 3-4 days per week for 45-minute sessions will boost your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine!

3.Self-massage daily. When cellulite is physically manipulated, this improves circulation. The increase in 
circulation will in turn inhibit blood vessel constriction which causes the look of lumpiness. Massaging cellulite prone areas cause then to swell up so that the skin will look smoother for at least awhile!

 Now, for the steps mentioned above, it can take awhile to get the results you desire. Would it be ok if you could reduce the appearance of cellulite in 45 minutes or less? Before I end this article, I had to share with you about the “Ultimate Body Applicator”.  It is a botanically based, woven cloth wrap that helps you also to tighten, firm, and tone very quickly. If you do the steps listed above, plus use the Ultimate Body Applicator, you will be amazed what your hips and thighs will look like! To read more about how this work, click here:

Yes, cellulite is a huge nuisance for many women. How to get rid of cellulite quick? Just follow these three simple tips.  Try the “Ultimate Body Applicator.” Ladies, you can have those sleek looking thighs you have always longed for!

Train hard and expect success!
Monique Hawkins

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