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How to Become Slim-Why You Must Follow the 11-Step Goal Setting Formula

If you are looking for easy ways to become slim and to lose the baby belly pooch quickly, before you decide to follow the latest diet or exercise fad, it’s important to first carefully think and plan for what you want your final outcome to be.

The way to do this is to set goals.  Without goals, you are shooting in the dark. Without a plan, you will be continuously off target. When goals are written, they must be precise. As Tom Venuto, author of the classic book, “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” says,

“The number one reason for failure in losing body fat is the lack of clear, defined written goals. . . .Action without planning is the number one reason for failure.”

Step #1: Make sure your goals are specific. Avoid phrases such as “I want to lose weight,” or “I want to get leaner.” While these are good statements, they are a bit vague and too general. What you need to determine is things like how many pounds you want to lose, the percentage of body fat you desire to achieve, what size clothes you want to wear, etc. The more specific and precise, the clearer your target!

Step #2: Set measurable goals. If you don’t have a way to measure your progress, you will have no idea whether you have achieved it or not. While the scale is a great tool to start with, the best measure is one which tests your body composition, this can be done by using skin fold tests. A health professional can assist you in this area. You can even learn to do it yourself.

Step #3: Have big goals. Many times, people who desire to lose weight and baby fat do not give themselves enough credit. They count themselves out before the battle even begins! Avoid saying statements like, “I can never look like that.”, “I’m way too old.” etc.  Think about what you want and begin to work on the willpower to achieve it. Ask the right questions such as “How can I achieve this goal?”, “What price am I willing to pay to achieve this goal?” etc.

Step #4: Set reasonable deadlines. Everywhere you look, you see crazy statements like “lose 30 pounds in 30 days”, “lose 10 pounds this weekend”, etc. You never want rapid weight loss and you certainly don’t want to do things like not drink enough water, starving yourself, going on extreme cleanses, etc. Your goal is to lose the body fat. So while there are no unrealistic goals, there are unrealistic deadlines. Aim for a nice, slow, and steady weight and fat loss so you can keep it off.

Step #5: Have long and short-term goals. For instance have your ultimate final goal, 12 months goals, 3 months goals, weekly, daily goals.  Doing this will help you always have something to work for and keep you motivated!

Step #6: Have emotional reasons why you want to achieve your goals. This is because the more emotional you are about your goal, the more motivated you will be lose to achieve them.

Step #7:  Be highly focused by working on goals which run seamlessly together and not conflict. For instance, it is very hard lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. What usually happens is that person will have a large decrease in body fat but a slight increase in lean body mass. This is just how it is. Your goal to lose the baby belly pooch and to become slim is to always get rid of all that excess body fat first, and then set a goal for gaining more muscle and staying lean.

Step #8: Write out your goals using affirmations. Use the word “I”, write in present tense, and state it in positive terms.

Step #9: Read your affirmations twice a day and always keep your goals dead in front of you.  By repetition, we are able to re-program our subconscious mind into a positive direction. They become your new way of thinking. They will keep you motivated and on-track.

Step #10: Have faith in your goals. This means develop an unshakeable belief that you will achieve them. This will keep you focused!

Step #11: Visualize your affirmations as you read them. This means have mental picture in your mind as you think what you want to look like when you achieve your goals. This will help your desire penetrate your subconscious mind more deeply and help you be committed to the very end.

Here are a few examples of affirmative goal statements for women:

“I am so happy and thankful now that I am at 15% body fat!

I am losing body fat and reaching my goal weight of 120 lbs and body fat of 15% by August 1.

I can’t wait to fit into the skinny jeans I bought this past winter and wear them to work.

These are great, clear, precise statement that will help anyone stay focused!

To lose the baby belly pooch, become slim, and lose body fat all requires planning. If you follow this 11-step goal setting formula, you will be just fine!

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Thesamanthamason said...

I've always followed the idea that if I combine cardio with eating certain foods at the right time, the two dovetail into each other. Once I added proper sleep to it, however, it really made a difference. Here's what I do:

Carbs: I eat these within an hour after my workout, while my body is still converting carbs to muscle glycogen rather than fat, leading to muscle gain, fat loss, and a heightened metabolism.

Proteins: I eat these periodically over the 12-16 hours following my workout, combined with healthy vegetables. This way my body is better able to repair muscle, which is the MOST important part of the workout. Additionally, periodic, smaller feedings further boost your body's metabolism, boosting fat loss even further.

Sleep: Here is where I COMPLETELY agree with you. This may sound silly, but sleep deprivation debilitates metabolism and triggers a fat storage response in your body. I try to get around 7 hours of sleep a night, if possible.

I actually picked most of this up at The Body Mason, but it really worked for me. Check it out for yourself:

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