Sunday, July 8, 2012

Get Rid of Baby Belly Fat with These 7 Tips to Boost Metabolism

Every lady knows that getting rid of baby belly fat can be a challenge! Most ladies would love to know how to boost their metabolism so they can get 6 pack abs plus lose the excess weight and body fat.

The good news is that there are some easy things you can do each day to achieve this. On a recent Dr. Oz show, Dr. Oz discussed 7 quick ways to boost your metabolism with his 7 Day Miracle Meal Plan. What he shared was very simple; any of us could it. I thought I’d share with you his metabolism boosting tips.

Tip #1: Check Metabolic Rate. It is important to know how many calories you are burning each day. This is the amount of calories you can eat before starting to gain weight. You can find a calculator for this at Some of you also may have tools such as the “Bodybugg” which automatically keeps track of how many calories your body burns each day. If you have the funds for it, the Bodybugg is a great along with a Fit Bit.

Tip #2: Cut 100 calories each day. Now that you know what your metabolic rate is, work on cutting just 100 calories per day from your meals. This will be enough to trick your metabolism into a fat burning machine plus keep it from going into the starvation mode. The starvation mode occurs when the body thinks the caloric intake is too low. This results in it slowing down. You want to avoid this at all costs! Once your body becomes use to this, you can work on cutting your caloric rate by 15-20% for a few days each week. This will really send your body into a fat burning frenzy!

Tip #3: Eat enough protein each day. Protein helps to build up your lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories your body will burn. Dr. Oz recommended eating protein daily and fish 2-3 times per week.

Tip #4: Eat every 3 hours. Along with your regular meals, begin to work on adding some healthy snacks. This will keep you from getting hungry. A healthy snacks suggestion from Dr. Oz included pistachios with dried apricots. Other healthy snack ideas can be peanut butter on celery sticks, apples with string cheese, etc. No cookies and chips please! Remember, you are trying to get rid of the baby belly fat!

Tip #5: Drink 3 iced drinks a day. No, this doesn’t mean run off to Starbuck’s to get an iced Mocha. It means to add ice to water, tea, etc. This is one of the easiest things you can do to speed up your metabolism and promote weight and fat loss.

Tip #6: Take 12 mg of Zinc a day.   Zinc increases Leptin in your body which in turns decreases appetite. You can go to your local health store to get a bottle at very low cost.

Tip #7: Exercise in bursts. More and more research shows how interval training turns your body into a fat burning furnace. This means exercising at a moderate pace and every couple of minutes increasing the intensity. Aim to do this during 2-3 workouts each week. If you are familiar with, there are a number of programs they have which promote this type of training (e.g. Turbo Fire, Insanity, etc.). You can also do this if you are jogging, walking outside, walking on the treadmill, etc. You are exercising right? If not, now’s the time to start!

Dr. Oz also recommends a couple of really inexpensive supplements you can use to help keep your metabolism burning fiercely.  Here are a couple of metabolism boosters under $20:

-White Bean Extract: this awesome supplement blocks starch from being absorbed into your body. The end result is your body will not turn the food you are eating into fat. It’s best to take one pill a day before each high carbohydrate/starchy meal.

Get enough L-Argine. This supplement costs about $10 for 100 capsules. It is a powerful muscle building block. Aim to take one capsule a day.

Eat pickled peppers. I know, this sounds strange. You can just pick up a bottle of these at any grocery store for about $2. What happens is that the vinegar in the peppers prevents the storage of fat. You can add them to meals; eat on your salads, etc.

Getting rid of the baby belly fat now seems so much easier doesn’t it? All you have to do is follow Dr. Oz’s super easy weight and fat loss tips. Your metabolism will be humming along in no time!

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