Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to Lose 3 Pounds A Week-4 Ways to Lose 1-3 Pounds A Week Without Starving

Many people are looking for quick ways to  lose fat and weight. Unfortunately, some who want to know how to lose 3 pounds a week fall for the numerous crash diets that are out there. One recent extreme diet you may have heard of is the KE Diet or "the bridal diet.  What the doctor who is doing this most likely is not telling people is that the will gain all the weight back plus some extra pounds for all of their hard efforts.

To lose weight, you don't need to go on crash diets like that! Instead, focus on making simple changes to your lifestyle as discussed by Eric below and you will lose all the weight you want!

How to Lose 3 Pounds a Week Without Starving Yourself

A lot of people try to starve themselves in order to lose weight, but it's not the way to do it. You can lose 3 pounds a week without starving yourself just by following some basic nutritional tips. It's all up to you and your level of determination.
Here are some tips you can use to lose 3 lbs a week with little effort:
1. Don't skip meals - This is vital. Skipping meals can disrupt your metabolism, induce food cravings, and make any weight loss process that much harder. Breakfast is all important and has to involve something more substantial than a cup of coffee which a lot of people settle for.
2. Control your snacks - Snacks may not seem like much of a factor but the calories in them add up to a whole lot of pounds. Much depends on what your snacks are made of. Exchange sweets and candy bars for delicious and nutritious snacks like fruit. Even if it seems hard at the beginning, you will soon love it. Just by changing your snacks you can come close to losing 3 pounds a week.
3. Don't eat large meals - The best thing you can do is spread your daily calorie intake throughout the day into 4-6 meals. This helps to keep the metabolism running high. Also, putting too much food into your body during a short period can make you feel heavy, sleepy, and causes the body to slow down while it struggles to digest.
4. Alcohol - While I won't tell you to give up on alcohol completely, I do think you should cut it down. Alcohol is very rich in calories. A single glass won't make you feel full, but it will certainly make you fatter.
Overall, these 4 tips should help you to go a long way to lose 3 lbs a week. I do recommend following a more detailed and structured eating plan for the best results possible.
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I like what Eric discussed. How to lose 3 pounds a week? Just commit to changing your lifestyle and develop healthy habits. You will be amazed at the results.  

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