Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to Lose Three Pounds A Week-The Top 4 Secrets to Losing 1-3 Pounds A Week and Keeping It Off

Now that we are a couple of months into 2012, weight loss continues to be on the minds of many. Some may be wondering how to lose 3 pounds a week and keep it off for good, finally, this year. Everybody knows that most people who diet and lose the weight will put it back on plus more when the diet ends. So, keeping the weight off for good should be an important part of any weight loss effort. According to Rob Huizenga, MD, associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of California in Los Angeles, it is possible to lose it and keep it off.  Dr. Huizenga is also the medical advisor the TV show, “The Biggest Loser.”

To lose 1-3 pounds a week plus more, it is not about starving yourself, but by paying attention to how you are working out along with eating clean. Here are the top 4 secrets to follow from Dr. Huizenga to lose all those unwanted pounds and fat.

Tip #1: Exercise long. If you want to drop the pounds quickly, consider long and vigorous exercise routines. If you are able to work out for one hour, twice a day, obese women can burn up to 2,500 calories and obese men can burn from 3,000 to 4,000. When you do the math that adds up to about a pound a day!

Tip #2: Exercise hard. This is one of the best ways to really drop the fat and weight. For example, if the only thing you can do is walk, you would have walk 5.5 hours a day to lose 1% of your body weight in a week. For men and women who exercise more intensely, they can get the same results in a day, says Dr. Huizenga.

Tip #3: Stay on Schedule.  Establish a habit in which you work out the same time every day and stick to it. Those who do this have less likelihood of quitting.

Tip #4:  Feed your body after workouts. After an intense, vigorous workout, your body needs fuel. 30 minutes after a workout, the muscle cells are more responsive to insulin. Those who take the time to have a high protein, high carbohydrate drink during the 30 minute period absorb more nutrients into their muscles. This in turn, will accelerate muscle growth. Programs like P90X, Supreme 90 Day, Insanity, etc. all have what is called recovery drinks to use after the workout. You can also create your own recovery drink by simply blending a cup of skim, soy, almond, or rice drink milk along with some fresh or frozen fruit and a couple of scoops of protein powder.

How to lose 3 pounds a week isn’t complicated. It just takes commitment. The great thing about this too, is that you don’t have to give up things. Yes, eating clean with lots of fresh produce, whole grains, fruits, and veggies is highly important, but you can also still have your fun food too!


Stephanie said...

Hi, Monique!

I totally agree with you and I'm glad there are people who are not promoting only dieting, but also exercising to lose weight and stay fit. There are a lot of people who are ready to starve their bodies to lose weight, but the truth is that the body needs movements, especially nowadays when everything is made around us to move as less as possible. And of course, your method of fast weight loss is much better than starving - it's more effective, healtier and giving more energy (not taking it away). Thank you for sharing it!

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