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How to Lose Baby Belly-The Best Belly Blasting Supplements

I happened to be watching the Dr. OZ show this past Friday. One of the topics he was discussing was how lose fat in the belly area. For those of you have just had a baby and want to know how to lose baby belly, I think that what Dr. Oz shared was great and can help you lose all of that baby fat.  Here are some highlights of what he recommends.

Best Belly-Blasting Supplements by Dr. Oz

If you feel like your belly is bringing you down, don't just stand idly by and watch it grow. There are plenty of effective and affordable supplements and foods you can try to help you lose that extra bulge.

We all put on weight for different reasons – and belly fat is no exception. Whether a declining metabolism is to blame or stress-induced eating is your dietary downfall, there are ways to thwart a ballooning belly. Your stomach doesn’t have to weigh you down any longer. Excessive bloating that makes every pair of pants you own feel two sizes too small doesn't have to be part of your daily routine. There are four belly-blasting supplements that can help you feel better about your body. And as a bonus, Dr. Oz reveals three belly-blasting meals to help you whittle away your waistline.

Supplement to Boost Your Metabolism: 7-Keto

If your expanding belly is the result of a slowing metabolism, then 7-Keto may be the supplement you need. 7-Keto is a natural byproduct of the DHEA hormone in our own bodies that helps to keep us young. But as we age, the levels of DHEA and its byproduct 7-Keto drop – this begins to happen after you turn 30 – slowing your metabolism and resulting in weight gain. 7-Keto works to counter this by stimulating the thyroid to permanently raise your metabolism’s set point, or your resting metabolic rate, which is based on your body’s amount of fat and muscle. A lower metabolism means more fat, and a higher metabolism means more muscle. Once 7-Keto raises your metabolic set point, your body’s engines can begin burning faster, resulting in less weight gain and a trimmer belly, especially when combined with diet and exercise.

Dose: Take 200mg a day. Take 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg at night – this helps you maintain a steady amount of 7-Keto in your bloodstream throughout the day, keeping your metabolic levels steady.

Supplement to Burn Fat: Forskolin
Forskolin is found in the roots of an herbal plant from the mint family. Researchers have found that forskolin can help to promote the breakdown of stored fats in animal and human fat cells. It may also release fatty acids from adipose tissue, which results in increased thermogenesis, resulting in loss of body fat and, theoretically, increased lean body mass.

Dose: Take 125 mg in the morning. Be sure to get the right dosing by looking at the label. It must read that it is standardized to 20% forskolin. Anything less will have a reduced impact on fat burning.

Supplement to Beat Bloating: Caraway Seeds
In many ancient practices, from African to Chinese and ayurvedic medicine, caraway seeds have been recommended to treat gastrointestinal disorders. Rich in vitamins and minerals, caraway seed are a powerful digestive aid that helps eliminate gas, thanks to its carminative properties, which prevent the formation of gas or aid in the expulsion of gas. Bloating occurs when bad bacteria release gas in your intestine. Caraway seeds inhibit the growth of that bad bacteria and allow good bacteria to digest food.

Dose: Eat a handful of seeds after meals to stop gas from causing the bloating that makes your belly expand. You’ll help your digestion and feel much more comfortable – and svelte – after eating.

These were are just some of the belly blasting supplements recommended by Dr. Oz. To read the rest of the article, visit

Yes, lose baby weight can be a challenge for some women. If you were wondering how to lose baby belly, know you are aware of some of the supplements out there that can help.

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