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How to Lose 3 Pounds A Week-How to Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine for 8 Weeks

Most people who are looking to turn their body's into a fat burning machine would love to learn how to lose 3 pounds a week plus burn lots of fat! Can a person lose 3 pounds a week? Absolutely, it is achievable to lose 1-3 pounds a week. Actually, losing weight and fat the slow and easy way is the best way since rapid weight loss usually results in a person gaining all the weight back plus more.

So, I thought I'd share with you how to lose 1-3 pounds a week for 8 weeks. 

How to Lose 3 Lbs a Week For 8 Weeks!

Here's how to lose 3 lbs a week... for 8 WEEKS! Once you see the outline of this, you'll see it's a lot easier than it appears. These weight loss tricks SHORTCUT the long painful process of losing weight.
How to Lose 3 lbs a Week for 8 Weeks
1. Use 2 protein shakes as snacks
This does a bunch of great things for weight loss. First, I want to make clear that these are NOT meal replacements... they're snacks. So you still can eat food like any normal person.
Protein shakes as snacks works for weight loss because it helps suppress your appetite with very few calories. This basically forces you to eat less during meals WITHOUT EVEN TRYING. So you replace calorie dense foods with fewer, HIGHER QUALITY calories in protein shakes.
Also... protein is a key metabolism booster. Protein acts so that you burn more calories each day... even if you don't do anything. These protein shakes as snacks do a whole bunch of other things as well, but those are the 2 big reasons why they help you to lose a lot of weight quickly and consistently.
2. Use apples as snacks
If you haven't guessed, I place a big emphasis on snacks for weight loss. I've found by working with thousands of women that this is the best approach to make weight loss as easy and painless as possible.
The key reason why apples are a great snack is because they fill you up with about 5 grams of pectin fiber in each of them. I personally like bananas, but they're nowhere near as good for weight loss when compared to apples. Apples are KING. 2-3 apples a day as snacks will also help you eat less at meals.
3. Just walk 30+ minutes 4 times a week
The best time to walk is right after dinner. This is just a nice easy, casual walk. Nothing fancy. I don't consider walking a "great" weight loss exercise, but it's sufficient and easy for basically everyone. If you want this to supercharge your weight loss fast, then walk on an incline treadmill or uphill. Then your fat loss will really take off.
This is a good basic plan on how to lose 3 lbs a week for 8 weeks.
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Jennifer Jolan
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I like what Jennifer shared. I think this answers questions people may have about whether its doable to lose 3 pounds a week. Take Jen's advice and watch the weight come off.

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