Sunday, May 29, 2011

How To Lose Weight In One Month- How to Lose 20 Pounds Really, Really Fast

It seems like there are lots of ladies and gentleman out there who are looking for quick strategies on how to lose weight on one month. In fact, the more weight loss one can obtain in a month, the better. Better, yet, wouldn't a 20 pound weight loss in one month be awesome??!!!

Well, while rapid weight loss might seem the best way to go, one has to always ask themself this very important question. Should I be seeking to lose lots of weight OR lose body FAT and get that ripped look??

Hmmmm. Very good question. I'm thankful that Tom Venuto has answered it for us. I was reading a recent article of his called "How To Lose 20 Pounds Really, Really Fast!". And believe me, it wasn't what you think!

Here is brief excerpt from it:

""Weight" is not the same as "fat." Weight includes muscle, bone, internal organs as well as lots and lots of water.

And do you really want to be a "fat loser?"

Wouldn't you rather be a "fat burner"… a lean, fat burning machine!


FAT LOSS is what you want, not weight loss.

If your body were 100% rock-solid muscle, with absolutely nothing that jiggled (unless it was supposed to), would you care how much you weighed?

I bet you wouldn't! And if that's true, then…


Tom talks about more good things in this article which I feel will help you form the right kind of weight loss goals. To read the article in its entirety, visit here:

Enjoy the article! Share your weight loss stories!

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Monique Hawkins

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to Lose Weight Plan - Why to Watch For Misleading Food Labels

Did you know that one of your how to lose weight plan strategies should be to become a food label detective? It's no secret that marketing strategists know just how to manipulate unwary consumers! You're in the grocery and in a hurry, so grabbing packages labeled "low fat," "healthy" or "all natural" seems like an easy way to pick the right foods. Well, think again.

Did you know that most low fat dressings are full of sugar and calories? Or that those boxes of crackers labeled Zero Grams of Trans Fat actually contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, a trans fat? Shopping shouldn't be so hard when you are trying to lose weight. Always keep in mind that advertisers really want to grab unsuspecting dieters and get their money by using keywords on the front of packages that makes the food sound appealing, healthy, and slimming.

A recent study looked at the way dieters make food choices and compared them to how non-dieters pick foods. Rather than analyzing the nutrition labels, dieters looked for key words. Pasta is considered a no-no, even though many healthful dishes can be made with pasta and vegetables. At the same time "salad" is generally considered healthy even though there are salads served in many restaurants and homes that are far from healthy.

Fruit is another keyword considered healthy by many who are watching their calories and hoping to lose that belly fat. A fruit smoothy can have more fat, sugar and calories than an equal sized serving of low-fat iced yogurt or sherbet. Just because something says fruit on the label doesn't always translate to healthy!

If you are trying to lose 10 pounds before summer fashion season, than get savvy about reading food labels in the store, and analyze ingredients in restaurant foods. Look at nutrition labels and study the serving size, calories, fat and sugar content of the food. Ask the waitress what is really in that salad. Is it loaded with ham, salami, fried chicken or worse? Once you become really good at this, just a brief look at a nutrition label or menu will tell you the real story about what is in that food!

Another thing to be wary of are drinks that have no calories. If you are serious about losing weight and being healthy, you might want to reconsider artificial sweeteners. Although there are conflicting studies, some researchers advise that only those who have blood sugar problems should risk consuming artificial sweeteners.

People who are serious about their health and weight loss find satisfaction in gradually switching to unsweetened drinks like home brewed tea or filtered water. If you make your own drinks and carry them with you, you can gradually cut back on the sugar until you are enjoying the refreshing taste of pure water or tea. And, these healthy drinks have absolutely no calories.

The same people tend to create a lot of their food from scratch. This way they know exactly what goes into every bite they eat and are not at the mercy of deceptive advertisers.

One of the best things to do to drop the pounds and keep them off is to always pay attention to food labels. Only choose foods that are high in nutritional value. When you do, your hips will thank you for it!

Train Hard! You Can Achieve Success!
Monique Hawkins
Train Hard! You Can Achieve Success!
Monique Hawkins

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Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Lose Weight Plan - Three Latest Weight Loss News Briefs To Promote Weight Loss

Researchers have just uncovered a link between the hormone melatonin and a positive effect on weight loss and heart health. A natural human hormone that helps regulate sleep and acts as a powerful antioxidant, melatonin has recently been found in animal studies to help control weight gain. The hormone also has positive benefits for normalizing blood lipids and seems to have a protective effect on the heart. Researchers say that human studies are needed to see if melatonin may help control obesity and the heart health risks associated with it.

Melatonin is found naturally in some foods including almonds (well known for their heart healthy benefits) and some red wine grapes. Long thought to occur only in mammals, the hormone has only recently been found in plants.

Next, everyone has heard of internal training. Interval training, along with healthy eating, has recently been found to be more successful than other exercise programs combined with diet when it comes to losing weight. Characterized by bursts of intensive exercise, interval training is believed to boost the metabolism making weight loss quicker and easier. The trick with interval training is to intersperse high intensity exercise with more moderate periods of exercise that function as recovery time.

Some trainers believe that more calories are burned and more fat lost than with conventional exercise. Everyone is looking for the fastest, easiest way to accomplish weight loss and interval training seems to fill this niche. It is believed that by boosting the metabolism, fat burning continues even after the exercise is finished.

Interval training can be incorporated into many types of cardio-workouts like running or cycling. There is a lot of hype surrounding interval training, but studies are showing that it not only helps burn calories more effectively than traditional exercise, but may also have real benefits for athletes.

Last, hot spices are great for you! Spicy, hot red peppers have been touted as a diet aid for quite some time and now a study confirms that moderate use of hot pepper can actually curb the appetite, meaning you'll eat fewer calories and speed weight loss. Long thought to help boost the metabolism, giving you more energy and burning more calories, this study shows that this tasty spice can actually reduce hunger and increase calories burned.

Although, adding cayenne to your meals may not be the sole solution to the rising obesity epidemic, it is a simple addition to the diet. When combined with other techniques and healthy dieting, cayenne could play a role in promoting successful weight loss. As with most things, don't overdo it. Just use moderate amount of this powerful spice!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

How to Lose Weight in 30 Days - Why Weight Loss Diet Hype Should Be Avoided

Looking for quick and easy ways about how to lose weight in 30 days? Considering trying that latest fad diet out there? Once you review it, does it sound too good to be true? Are you seeing a lot of marketing hype promising the fastest or easiest method of weight loss? These are two of the obvious warning signs that whatever dieting plan is being sold might not be the most effective one for you. Sure, we'd all like to lose weight without putting in any effort, but that's virtually impossible. There is no magic pill or drink that burns calories while you sit and watch television!

Dieting is an emotional issue and advertisers know it. They know just how to play to the desires of those who need to lose that belly fat, especially this time of year. Keep your head clear, and be ready to thoroughly analyze the latest product or expensive book. Successful weight loss can be accomplished without spending much money and without trying all the latest dieting fads.

Educating yourself about effective, proven methods for losing weight assists you in choosing the right plan to achieve your goals. The posts on this blog are meant to help you do just that. Recognizing early on that it will take some effort on your part is another important step in starting a dieting routine that will take off the weight and keep it off.

Yes, many of the fad diets will accomplish quick, short-term weight loss. But if you follow up with people using those methods a few months to a year later, the majority of them will have regained the weight.

Why does this happen over and over? There are two primary reasons why people give up on a diet and regain weight. The most obvious one is that the diet was an overwhelmingly burdensome change that couldn't be sustained. Deeply restrictive diets rarely work, as it is hard to maintain a life of denial and the resulting cravings. Although weight loss may be slower, a moderate change in the types of foods eaten and a gradual change in portion sizes can help you accomplish lasting weight loss. The goal is to create behavioral and dietary changes that you can maintain happily for years to come!

The other reason that crash diets don't lead to lasting weight loss is physical. Starving the body sets up metabolic changes that actually encourage the retention of weight. The body thinks it is going to starve and it hangs on to every calorie. It gets harder and harder to lose weight even though you are consuming fewer calories. You are tired and cranky and have no energy for healthful, calorie burning exercise. As soon as you give up on this kind of diet, the pounds fly back on.

So, what's the best way to start a successful weight loss diet? Number one is thinking healthy. What does an optimally functioning body need? A diet loaded with nutritious food, plenty of regular exercise, and a good frame of mind. These are your goals and you'll find that you become slimmer, healthier and happier than you would while riding the fad diet rollercoaster.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weight Lose Plan for Women Over 40-The Top 7 Weight Relapse Mistakes To Avoid

For many women over 40 and even those who are younger, including men, once they find a good weight loss plan that works for them, many times they are able to drop the pounds.

The problem for many then becomes, how can the weight loss be maintained? What will keep the motivation going? What will prevent you from falling back into bad eating habits?

In a recent blogpost from Tom Venuto's blog,"Burn the Fat Blog" at, he stated that:

"Mainintaing a stable bodyweight is a very important health goal. It's dangerous to repeatedly gain and lose weight. Research in animals and humans has revealed that weight cycyling can make your metabolism less efficient. After each bout of weight loss and regain, it becomes more difficult to burn the fat the next time."

Tom also had more to say about the detrimental effects of weight cycling on your health. The question then becomes, how can weight cycling be avoided? Here are the top 7 weight loss relapse mistakes that some make and how to avoid them according to Tom Venuto:

Mistake #1: Choosing a Bad Diet for Weight Loss

To maintain fat loss, choosing a right nutrition program to follow is crucial. Falling to fad diets or any other kind of diet that is so extreme it causes one to binge eat or is way to hard to keep up will result in one falling off the diet.

Mistake #2: Creating Unrealistic Deadlines

When looking to maintain weight loss, its important to set high standards and have big goals that are realistic. If one has a big goal, it is very important to then set a realistic deadline.

For example, losing 30 pounds is a big goal; having a deadline to do it in 30 days is unrealistic.

Mistake #3: Quickly Stopping a Nutrition or Exercise Program

For most people who achieve their fat and weight loss goals, it took a lot of time, energy, effort, exercise, and good eating habits. When one achieves their goals, all of these things must continue. Fail to do so and the pounds will come back on.

Mistake #4: Decreasing Physical Activity While Maintaining Previous Calorie Maintenenace

Once a woman over is 40 or anyone else, no matter their age or sex, has reached success with their weight loss efforts, the caloric balance the body needs has changed; it actually is lower than when a person first started.

Tom says that: "You have two choices. One, you can get used to eating less than you did before your weight loss. Two, you can get used to exercising more. Ideally, you'll do a little bit of both and that will make life easiest."

Mistake #5: Thinking in Black and White

Some people are very rigid in what they want their weight and body fat level to be. There is no room for a grey area. These dieters fail to realize that becoming and staying fit is a learning process and a journey of self improvement. Thinking in black and white creates stress and prevents one from congratulating themself on what they did right or learning from what they did wrong. Learn to relax and realize that permanent weight loss takes committment, persistance, and is a daily decison.

Mistake #6: On-Going Gripes with Body Weight and Shape

Many who have achieved their weight loss goals still have gripes about their weight and shape even after they have had much success. They compare themselves to others and are never satisfied.

While it is important to desire to improve, it's ok to seek this along with liking yourself as you go.

Mistake #7: Minimal Ways to Cope With and Manage Stres

Those pounds you dropped can easily creep back on during high levels of life stressors and experiencing negative emotions. Therefore, it's important to not to fall into eating as a way to manage stress. Learn to develop coping strategies that help alleviate stress which do not involve eating. This is especailly important not only for women over 40 looking for a good weight loss plan, but for everyone, whether they are looking to lose weight or not.

If you are someone who has dropped the pounds but see the weight creeping back on, then it is important to carefully review these mistakes that people make. Make sure you are not falling into any of the above trap. If you are, then it is not to late to change. If you do, you can watch those pounds drop back off again and keep them off for good!

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