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Weight Loss Plan for Women Over 40-10 Practical Tips to Keep the Pounds Off for Good

If you are a woman over 40, part of your weight loss plan for women over 40 may be to keep the weight off for good.  However, have you ever lost fat and inches only to see the weight creeping back on after all of your hard efforts?! For some dieters, it’s even worse than that since they may end up even heavier than before they started.

The good news is that does not have to happen to you. Though regaining lost weight is common, it is not a given.  The following are the top 10 practical strategies to keep the fat and weight off for good!

·        1.  Never give up. In other words, if you achieve your weight loss goals and then overtime the pounds creep back on, come up with a new weight loss plan. Keep doing this until you are able to shed the pounds for good.

·        2.  Don’t fall for the genetics trap. Yes, your parents may have been overweight and maybe you were overweight as a child. While these factors can make weight loss more challenging, it doesn’t mean you are destined to fail. You CAN achieve your goals.
·         3. Eat a small variety of foods. It’s interesting that researchers have found that those who eat large varieties of food eat more and have a harder time maintaining their weight loss. The best strategy to follow is to always eat your favorite low-fat, low calorie, high fiber foods over and over again. In addition, make sure this also includes getting enough protein.

·         4. Commit to change your life. Getting rid of fat and excess weight really is more than eating the right foods. There also needs to be a commitment to follow the 8 laws of health such as getting enough fresh air, sunlight, exercise, etc. This change in lifestyle commitment is well worth it!

5. Spend less time in front of the TV. Americans watch way too much TV, about 30 hours a week. If you want to keep the pounds off, watch less than 10 hours a week.

·        6.  Don’t take a “diet “break.  Don’t cut yourself too much slack on the weekend and holidays. If you do, it would be quite easy to overeat and then overtime see the pounds creep back up!

·         7. Never skip breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast is crucial to stop the cravings that can easily occur later in the day.

·         8. Exercise daily. Make a commitment to get in some type of exercise every day. I love workout programs like P90X but that doesn’t mean you have to go extreme like this. Even if you just walked for 60 minutes a day, swim, bike, dance, etc. your body will be getting the exercise it needs to keep the pounds off. The 60 minutes doesn’t even have to be at one time, but can be done in two, 30 minute time frames during different parts of the day.
·         9. Be diligent in monitoring your weight. Once you have achieved your weight loss goals, continue to keep track of what you are eating, how much exercise you are getting, etc. This way, you can quickly make changes if you notice the pounds starting to creep back on.

·         10. Break the 2 year mark. People usually regain all weight they have lost or even more at the 2 year mark.  Work very hard to ensure that you are able to maintain your weight loss goals. If you can do this at the 2 year mark, you will be so happy that it will truly require less effort to keep the weight off for good. Plus, you would have solidified the healthy habits which now are part of your lifestyle.

Remember, the longer you keep the pounds off, the better you will feel and the easier it will get! If you are looking for practical weight loss plans for women over 40, these are great ones to follow.

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