Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to Lose Weight Plan-Update From April Page's Weight Loss Story

When it comes to a how to lose weight plan, the simpler, the better! This is why I have enjoyed reading about and sharing April's weight loss sorry. What she did was so easy, anybody can follow it and watch the pounds, fat, and inches melt away!

So now as promised, here's the update:

A Weight Loss Update From April

First of all I have to apologize because I gave you the wrong information about my weight loss weeks. Somehow I miscalculated or mixed things up. When I went to the gym tonight, it was time to do my weigh in and measurements, and Aimee (my Zumba instructor) was telling me how proud of me she was that I was keeping the weight off. So I began telling her a little about the products and that was when she showed me my chart where she had recorded everything and this is what I wrote down to share with you:

1. When I first came to the gym, I could hardly move, I could only walk 20 minutes on the treadmill -- I weighed 211 pounds.

2. Then 19 weeks later I weighed in at 147 pounds. I was shocked! I knew that I had lost the weight fast but I didn't realize it was that fast! Ao my records are totally wrong and I am sorry about that. I know it is important for us to have the right information for the program. I discovered from looking at her chart that in the first few weeks I was losing 9, 7, and 6 pounds a week. It was toward the last few weeks that my weight slowed to 3, 2, or 1 pound a week.

3. I went from a tight size 20 to a comfortable size 8. But do you want to know what really shocked me? It was the total inches I had lost in those 19 weeks: I lost a total of 52 3/4 inches. I was so excited! She told me that was just unreal, and almost unheard of, to lose that many inches.

She and I are going to meet next week to talk about the products! We really do shrink! :-)

I just wanted to share that with you. Thank you and thank you for working so hard on Shrink Team Challenge, I just know it is going to be a huge success!

April Page

What amazing results April Page had!  All she did was commit to a few lifestyle challenges, exercise, eat cookies, and drink shakes and watched the pounds drop off. You too, can achieve success!

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