Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to Lose Weight Plan: Follow the Top 9 weight Loss Secrets of the Ultra Thin

Do you have friends who never seem to put on weight and can eat anything they want?! I sure have.  I sometimes think they must be following some sort of special how to lose weight plan few people know about!

The truth is that genes do have role to play. However, according to Dr. Stephen Gullo, Ph.D, someone who has helped thousands slim down, slim people follow simple strategies to keep the pounds off. Here are the top 9 weight loss secrets of the thin and trim which can help anyone looking to lose weight:

1.       Thin people never skip meals. These folks never let themselves get so hungry they start to compulsively eat anything in sight. They have structured eating habits. Most eat three meals a day and two healthy snacks to keep their blood sugar stable.

2.       Thin people eat a healthy breakfast. Their breakfast includes things like getting enough protein and fiber.  Examples include eating oatmeal with skim milk, low fat yogurt with fruit, etc. These things will satisfy the appetite, keep blood sugar stable, and keep one feeling full longer.

3.       The ultra thin act quickly. If a thin person gets on a scale and notices they have picked up a few pounds, the immediately cut back on their portions and get in more exercise. After all, it’s much easier to drop 3-4 pounds than 20!

4.       Slim people weigh themselves regularly. Most people who lose weight and are able to maintain their weight and fat loss (which is crucial) weight in once a week. A gain of even 1-2 pounds causes them to closely monitor their eating habits for a few days.

5.       The ultra slim never, ever deprive themselves. Instead, they get creative and come with strategies to restrict foods with high caloric value. They don’t purchase them for their house and instead select individual portions or serve them when they have company or on a weekends.

So far, when it comes to a how to lose weight plan, these weight loss tips are extremely easy to follow! Here are more to aid you in your weight and fat loss plan.

6.       Thin people get enough sleep. Research has shown that sleep deprivation can stimulate the appetite, especially for carbohydrates. So, make sure you are getting enough sleep!

7.        Those who are thin move around a lot. Studies show they exercise regularly. This does not mean they hit the gym all the time, but are involved in some sort of movement everyday such as gardening, taking the stairs instead of an elevator, parking further away from the store, etc.

8.       The ultra thin practice portion control. They have an awareness of what food they can eat plenty of which will not pack on the pounds.  These foods include lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. If they do overeat, usually it is for a special occasion such as a holiday meal, birthday, special meal out, etc.  They do not make it a habit.

9.       Thin people don’t use food as a way to cope with emotions. Some people will use food to cope with anxiety, depression, stress, and anger. Those who stay trim never let food be therapy. What they do is to find healthy ways to deal with their emotions such as walking, reading, talking with a friend or pastor, going window shopping, etc.  Thin people have learned that mental diversion turn off the food switch.

As you know see, the how to lose weight plan and keep it off for the slim and trim really isn’t such a secret after all. You probably have heard about these strategies many times. Now, it up to you to take action and follow these tips so you can lose weight and fat, plus keep it off for good.

Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Lose Lose Weight Plan - Weight Loss Plan for After Pregnancy

Most women who have just had a baby would love to know the best how to  lose weight plan to follow so they can fit back into their skinny jeans sooner rather than later.
Women are encouraged to eat well during their pregnancy, providing critical nutrients for both the developing baby and mother. Depending on your height, a healthy weight gain of about 25 to 35 pounds is expected during pregnancy. But after the baby is born, many new moms are anxious to return as quickly as possible to their pre-pregnancy weight. This is not the time, however, to be experimenting with fad diets or radical changes in eating habits. Having a new member of the family, no matter how joyful an occasion it is, adds stress to a new mother's life. Sleepless nights, new responsibilities, and changing worries require excellent nutrition to assure you stay in peak health.
According to the Mayo Clinic, it takes plenty of healthy food, regular exercise, and a lot of patience to successfully lose the weight you gained during your pregnancy. There is nothing unique to this advice; it is the same advice given for any successful weight loss program. We have all been programmed to want instant results, but finding a way to be a peace with long-term weight loss plan is essential to success. You can avoid frustration by accepting that it will take months rather than weeks to accomplish your weight loss goals. Just keep reminding yourself that it will happen, it just takes a little time!
Although studies are inconclusive about breastfeeding and weight loss, many believe it promotes a faster return to pre-pregnancy weight. The health benefits to the baby are enormous and it allows you to add about 300 calories to your daily intake of food. Breastfeeding moms have to be sure to get adequate nutrition, not just calories, but high quality nutrients. These come from a variety of vegetables and fruits, whole grains and lean sources of protein. Calcium and other minerals are of great importance while pregnant and breastfeeding.
Many new moms enjoy exercise routines that include the baby. Safe jogging and walking strollers assure that baby is well protected while mom burns calories. There are also wonderful bicycle trailers designed for children. Whatever workout routine you choose, be sure you spend at least three days a week exercising. Increasing all activity helps burn calories. Replace short car trips with walking, spend time in the garden, or take the stairs rather than the elevator. Every step you add to your day increases calorie output.
Increasing your water intake has been shown to speed weight loss while preventing dehydration. Especially if you are nursing, drink plenty of water. There is no need to buy bottled water. Get a good stainless steel water bottle and fill it up with filtered tap water. You'll be doing your part in saving the environment while you promote your health and weight loss.
If you are seeking an easy how to lose weight plan to follow after having your baby, just follow the tips as outlined in this post. You will see that the pounds will come off!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

How to Lose Weight Plan - A Recent Study Confirms Easy Weight Loss Strategy

A recent study conducted by researchers at Cornell University found that an incredibly simple how to lose weight  plan that  could lead to gradual weight loss of up to 25 pounds over a year. How can this be? Well, all you have to do is simply eat a light lunch daily. When you do this, calorie intake is cut. The good thing about this is that not only are calories cut, but researchers also found that participants in the study did not compensate by eating more calories later in the day! The study involved a group of 17 volunteers and lasted five weeks. Over this time period, all participants tracked everything they ate along with the calorie content of the food.
During the first week of the study, all the participants could eat whatever they wanted and recorded their food choices. Over the next two weeks, one group continued with consuming whatever they wished, while the second group ate a portion controlled lunch. At the end of the two weeks, the groups switched. Now, the group who had eaten as they pleased for three weeks spent the final two weeks choosing portion controlled lunches.
The researchers found that on average, the portion control group ate 250 fewer calories per day compared to the time when they ate as they pleased. Although this may not sound like a significant number of calories, continuing with this routine for a year could lead to a 25 pound weight loss. Combined with other strategies including an increase in exercise, one's weight loss could be considerably more than 25 pounds.
One great advantage to using this simple dieting plan to lose weight is that it achieves a gradual weight loss. Numerous studies have found that a slow and steady drop in weight generally leads to successfully keeping the weight off. The greatest hazard of quick weight loss plans is the disappointing rebound in weight gain when you stop the diet. Learning and maintaining new habits, like eating a smaller lunch, are easy when there is no pain involved. A smaller lunch doesn't lead to cravings or feelings of deprivation. Therefore, it can become a life-long habit. Acquiring long-term healthy habits is what successful dieters want to achieve. Replacing habits that encouraged weight gain with ones that promote weight loss and improved health are the key to successful weight loss.
Another advantage is the low cost of implementing this strategy. You don't have to buy special, high-priced diet foods. Just be mindful of portions each day at lunch. If you go a step beyond, making lunch the time to get the bulk of your daily servings of fruits and vegetables, you'll be eating fewer calories and boosting your nutritional intake at the same time.
If you follow these simple weight loss strategies, you will be well on your way to achieving your goals! Who knew a how to lose weight plan could be so simple!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to Lose Weight Plan-Update From April Page's Weight Loss Story

When it comes to a how to lose weight plan, the simpler, the better! This is why I have enjoyed reading about and sharing April's weight loss sorry. What she did was so easy, anybody can follow it and watch the pounds, fat, and inches melt away!

So now as promised, here's the update:

A Weight Loss Update From April

First of all I have to apologize because I gave you the wrong information about my weight loss weeks. Somehow I miscalculated or mixed things up. When I went to the gym tonight, it was time to do my weigh in and measurements, and Aimee (my Zumba instructor) was telling me how proud of me she was that I was keeping the weight off. So I began telling her a little about the products and that was when she showed me my chart where she had recorded everything and this is what I wrote down to share with you:

1. When I first came to the gym, I could hardly move, I could only walk 20 minutes on the treadmill -- I weighed 211 pounds.

2. Then 19 weeks later I weighed in at 147 pounds. I was shocked! I knew that I had lost the weight fast but I didn't realize it was that fast! Ao my records are totally wrong and I am sorry about that. I know it is important for us to have the right information for the program. I discovered from looking at her chart that in the first few weeks I was losing 9, 7, and 6 pounds a week. It was toward the last few weeks that my weight slowed to 3, 2, or 1 pound a week.

3. I went from a tight size 20 to a comfortable size 8. But do you want to know what really shocked me? It was the total inches I had lost in those 19 weeks: I lost a total of 52 3/4 inches. I was so excited! She told me that was just unreal, and almost unheard of, to lose that many inches.

She and I are going to meet next week to talk about the products! We really do shrink! :-)

I just wanted to share that with you. Thank you and thank you for working so hard on Shrink Team Challenge, I just know it is going to be a huge success!

April Page

What amazing results April Page had!  All she did was commit to a few lifestyle challenges, exercise, eat cookies, and drink shakes and watched the pounds drop off. You too, can achieve success!

To join the Shrink Team Challenge, click here

Train Hard! You Can Achieve Success!
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Would it be of you could eat cookies and chocolate, lose weight fast and easy, and never be hungry? April said yes and say amazing results! To learn more, visit

Sunday, October 2, 2011

How To Lose Weight Plan-April Pages's Amazing Weight Loss Story

If you are looking for a great how to lose weight plan, I'm sure you will want to read April Page's weight loss story. It's a great one and so simple anyone looking to lose weight AND fat can follow! Here it is!

A Balanced Diet: An Appetizer Diet® Cookie in One Hand and An Appetizer Diet® Shake in the Other.

Yes, that is really me in the before picture! I am 5-feet tall weighing 211 pounds. I never had to watch my weight until I hit my thirties. I began trying every diet I could to lose those unwanted pounds. This only led to yo-yo dieting and disappointment.

In my late thirties, I gave birth to our youngest child and about a year and a half later underwent major surgery. Because I was unable to be active after my surgery for months, compounded with an already under active thyroid, I really began to pack on the pounds. It was during this time I was introduced to the Vitamark Products.

I fell in love with them instantly! They were convenient, easy to add to my existing diet and tasted great. I loved that for the first time, I didn't have to eat prepackaged foods, prepare two meals (one for me and one for the family) or eat foods I didn't like to lose those unwanted pounds. Appetizer Diet® Cookies and Shakes are so easy to use as a meal replacement or snack. I didn't feel like I was dieting, or deprived and the weight begin to come off quickly and easily.

April Page
Panama City, Florida

If April can do it, you can too! The next post I will feature an update from April. 

Train Hard! You Can Achieve Success!
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Would it be of you could eat cookies and chocolate, lose weight fast and easy, and never be hungry? April said yes and say amazing results! To learn more, visit