Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weight Loss Plan for Women Over 40-3 Ways to Think Yourself Thin

For any woman looking for an effective weight loss plan for women over 40, they realize that sometimes this can be a challenge.  Most women also know it takes time, commitment, and willingness to change their lifestyle in order to achieve their weight loss goals.   

I was reading in a recent issue of Shape Magazine the good news how you as a woman over 40 can “mind over munchies.”  By this, I mean you can lose weight by learning to think yourself thin. Here are 3 new research-proven ways to do so a reported by Shape.

#1: Always look forward. Scientists from Penn State and Texas A&M University found that those people who focused on positive thoughts about the future were more likely to choose fruit over candy than those who instead focused on past memories, even positive one, before reaching for a snack. This was very interesting! It tells us that the next time you are trying to decide if you want piece of chocolate cake or blueberries, take a second to think about the good, positive things just around the corner.

#2: Fudge the Facts.  If you tell yourself that your bowl of light ice cream is actually full fat, you may end up feeling more satisfied after eating it. A recent study in the Journal of Health Psychology showed that participants who drank a 380 calorie milk shake believed they contained 620 calories experienced a dramatically steeper incline in ghrelin (a hunger hormone) afterward than those who thought the same shake contained just 140 calories. Are you beginning to see how powerful your thoughts can be?!

#3: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize. When researchers at the University of Birmingham gave two groups of women identical midday meals, those who ate while reading the newspaper consumed twice as many chocolate chip cookies an hour later when compared to the women who lunched while listening to an audio clip that encouraged them to concentrate on their food.  The moral of the story here is to turn off the TV and ignore your emails until you are done eating.

It’s a relief to know that one of the components of a highly effective weight loss plan for women over 40 can be as simple as learning how to change how you think! Why not start to practice today!

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