Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Lose Weight Plan - Battling the Rise in Obesity Rates One Person at a Time

Now days, there seems to be more of a push for people to come up with effective how to lose weight plans. This is due in part to the rising weight of obesity in our country. The amount of news coverage devoted to the incredible rise in obesity and chronic illness rates in the United States should be enough to turn the tide, but so far it has not. Although awareness of the problem is increasing, there are fears that not only will our sedentary lifestyle lead to a plethora of health problems, but it will also eventually lead to a decrease in life expectancy. States, communities, and the federal government are all doing their part to encourage people to eat right and exercise more frequently. However, it seems the problem is worsening rather than slowing down or getting better.

In just 100 years, the American lifestyle has drastically changed. What we eat, the type of  work, and how we manage our errands and chores have all changed. No one is advocating a return to using a wash board to do laundry or depending on horses for transportation. However, being well-educated about health while altering some facets of their lifestyles can help people attain their weight loss and health goals.

Healthy food and exercise is the magic phrase to remember. Repeat this over and over until it becomes your guiding principle. Learn as much as you can about nutrition. Do this by not reading the latest fad diet book, but by studying what nutrients your body needs. Learn what foods contain high quality nutrition. These are the foods to concentrate on. As we've all been told multiple times, plenty of various fruits, vegetables, whole grains, along with high quality sources of protein are what the body thrives on. It doesn't thrive on fast food, highly processed food, and sugary drinks. These provide empty calories, adding to weight gain. Much of this so-called food even contains ingredients that are detrimental to good health.

The USDA has just revised its food recommendations in the new "My Plate" that replaces the older versions of the Food Pyramid. It is very easy to understand. The government is also pushing for new food labeling to provide additional assistance when judging the nutrient value and calories in packaged food. 

Local communities also have a variety of resources that people can look into. These include exercise trails, nutrition programs, and  group which provide weight loss advice. Many of these resources are free.
If you are serious about weight loss, take advantage of all the available information and activities. Join a weight loss group to help with commitment and motivation. If you can't find a local program, there are free weight loss support groups on the Internet. We can win the battle against obesity, one enlightened person at a time!

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