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Weight Lose Plan for Women Over 40-The Top 7 Weight Relapse Mistakes To Avoid

For many women over 40 and even those who are younger, including men, once they find a good weight loss plan that works for them, many times they are able to drop the pounds.

The problem for many then becomes, how can the weight loss be maintained? What will keep the motivation going? What will prevent you from falling back into bad eating habits?

In a recent blogpost from Tom Venuto's blog,"Burn the Fat Blog" at, he stated that:

"Mainintaing a stable bodyweight is a very important health goal. It's dangerous to repeatedly gain and lose weight. Research in animals and humans has revealed that weight cycyling can make your metabolism less efficient. After each bout of weight loss and regain, it becomes more difficult to burn the fat the next time."

Tom also had more to say about the detrimental effects of weight cycling on your health. The question then becomes, how can weight cycling be avoided? Here are the top 7 weight loss relapse mistakes that some make and how to avoid them according to Tom Venuto:

Mistake #1: Choosing a Bad Diet for Weight Loss

To maintain fat loss, choosing a right nutrition program to follow is crucial. Falling to fad diets or any other kind of diet that is so extreme it causes one to binge eat or is way to hard to keep up will result in one falling off the diet.

Mistake #2: Creating Unrealistic Deadlines

When looking to maintain weight loss, its important to set high standards and have big goals that are realistic. If one has a big goal, it is very important to then set a realistic deadline.

For example, losing 30 pounds is a big goal; having a deadline to do it in 30 days is unrealistic.

Mistake #3: Quickly Stopping a Nutrition or Exercise Program

For most people who achieve their fat and weight loss goals, it took a lot of time, energy, effort, exercise, and good eating habits. When one achieves their goals, all of these things must continue. Fail to do so and the pounds will come back on.

Mistake #4: Decreasing Physical Activity While Maintaining Previous Calorie Maintenenace

Once a woman over is 40 or anyone else, no matter their age or sex, has reached success with their weight loss efforts, the caloric balance the body needs has changed; it actually is lower than when a person first started.

Tom says that: "You have two choices. One, you can get used to eating less than you did before your weight loss. Two, you can get used to exercising more. Ideally, you'll do a little bit of both and that will make life easiest."

Mistake #5: Thinking in Black and White

Some people are very rigid in what they want their weight and body fat level to be. There is no room for a grey area. These dieters fail to realize that becoming and staying fit is a learning process and a journey of self improvement. Thinking in black and white creates stress and prevents one from congratulating themself on what they did right or learning from what they did wrong. Learn to relax and realize that permanent weight loss takes committment, persistance, and is a daily decison.

Mistake #6: On-Going Gripes with Body Weight and Shape

Many who have achieved their weight loss goals still have gripes about their weight and shape even after they have had much success. They compare themselves to others and are never satisfied.

While it is important to desire to improve, it's ok to seek this along with liking yourself as you go.

Mistake #7: Minimal Ways to Cope With and Manage Stres

Those pounds you dropped can easily creep back on during high levels of life stressors and experiencing negative emotions. Therefore, it's important to not to fall into eating as a way to manage stress. Learn to develop coping strategies that help alleviate stress which do not involve eating. This is especailly important not only for women over 40 looking for a good weight loss plan, but for everyone, whether they are looking to lose weight or not.

If you are someone who has dropped the pounds but see the weight creeping back on, then it is important to carefully review these mistakes that people make. Make sure you are not falling into any of the above trap. If you are, then it is not to late to change. If you do, you can watch those pounds drop back off again and keep them off for good!

Train Hard!You Can Achieve Success!
Monique Hawkins

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