Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to Lose Weight Plan - Why to Watch For Misleading Food Labels

Did you know that one of your how to lose weight plan strategies should be to become a food label detective? It's no secret that marketing strategists know just how to manipulate unwary consumers! You're in the grocery and in a hurry, so grabbing packages labeled "low fat," "healthy" or "all natural" seems like an easy way to pick the right foods. Well, think again.

Did you know that most low fat dressings are full of sugar and calories? Or that those boxes of crackers labeled Zero Grams of Trans Fat actually contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, a trans fat? Shopping shouldn't be so hard when you are trying to lose weight. Always keep in mind that advertisers really want to grab unsuspecting dieters and get their money by using keywords on the front of packages that makes the food sound appealing, healthy, and slimming.

A recent study looked at the way dieters make food choices and compared them to how non-dieters pick foods. Rather than analyzing the nutrition labels, dieters looked for key words. Pasta is considered a no-no, even though many healthful dishes can be made with pasta and vegetables. At the same time "salad" is generally considered healthy even though there are salads served in many restaurants and homes that are far from healthy.

Fruit is another keyword considered healthy by many who are watching their calories and hoping to lose that belly fat. A fruit smoothy can have more fat, sugar and calories than an equal sized serving of low-fat iced yogurt or sherbet. Just because something says fruit on the label doesn't always translate to healthy!

If you are trying to lose 10 pounds before summer fashion season, than get savvy about reading food labels in the store, and analyze ingredients in restaurant foods. Look at nutrition labels and study the serving size, calories, fat and sugar content of the food. Ask the waitress what is really in that salad. Is it loaded with ham, salami, fried chicken or worse? Once you become really good at this, just a brief look at a nutrition label or menu will tell you the real story about what is in that food!

Another thing to be wary of are drinks that have no calories. If you are serious about losing weight and being healthy, you might want to reconsider artificial sweeteners. Although there are conflicting studies, some researchers advise that only those who have blood sugar problems should risk consuming artificial sweeteners.

People who are serious about their health and weight loss find satisfaction in gradually switching to unsweetened drinks like home brewed tea or filtered water. If you make your own drinks and carry them with you, you can gradually cut back on the sugar until you are enjoying the refreshing taste of pure water or tea. And, these healthy drinks have absolutely no calories.

The same people tend to create a lot of their food from scratch. This way they know exactly what goes into every bite they eat and are not at the mercy of deceptive advertisers.

One of the best things to do to drop the pounds and keep them off is to always pay attention to food labels. Only choose foods that are high in nutritional value. When you do, your hips will thank you for it!

Train Hard! You Can Achieve Success!
Monique Hawkins
Train Hard! You Can Achieve Success!
Monique Hawkins

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