Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to Lose Weight Plan - How to Help The Environment and Lose Weight Too

Most of us have emerged from winter with a few more pounds than we would like. Everybody says spring is the perfect time to get serious about weight loss as well as create a fantastic how to lose weight plan that can be easily followed. This April, we are celebrating both the environment and our dieting goals and seeing how we can effectively combine the two. While you are becoming a slimmer, more healthy person, it's a great time to consider the health of the planet and pitch in by adding some green habits that are good for both you and the Earth.

A great green option is biking or walking to work or to run errands. Every time you opt for human power over engine power, you are not only burning calories and losing weight, you're reducing your carbon footprint. If it isn't practical to use human power to get to work, start a new routine of daily walks before or after work to get the blood circulating, the lungs working and the muscles pumping. Have a dog? Grab a leash and let your favorite pet benefit from the exercise and time outdoors. If you like calorie calculating, you know that a fast-paced walk can really burn the calories, and there is no reason you can't up the calorie burning by adding a little jogging to your walk. A vigorous walk does wonders for slimming the body and boosting health. It requires no equipment, gym membership or products, making it an activity with virtually no negative impact on the planet.

Always keep in mind that human power is the best way to accomplish both weight loss goals and to lower your carbon footprint. Our ancestors rarely had to worry about dieting because they used their muscles to accomplish most of the jobs they did. During different times in history, being overweight was seen as a sign of success- someone else was doing the work and the person with an excess of pounds was living a life of luxury. They were also suffering from many chronic health problems that their hard working, slimmer counterparts weren't!

Human power replaces gasoline or electric power when walking up the stairs instead taking the elevator, mowing the lawn with an environmentally friendly non-motorized mower rather than a power mower, using a rake rather than a leaf blower and when using hand tools rather than power tools. Every time you move your muscles, calories are being burned. Your circulation improves and breathing deepens, benefiting your entire body.

You don't have to buy an old-fashioned washboard to do the laundry unless you really want to, but do hang out the clothes to dry when the weather permits. Hanging out the laundry provides a gentle workout as you stretch, walk and do minor lifting, and there is nothing like the smell of sun-dried laundry. You're drastically lowering your carbon footprint, just watch your electric meter really speed up when you turn the dryer on!

These are just a few ideas to get you started with your environmentally friendly weight loss plans. You can celebrate a slimmer, healthier you by going to the local nursery or garden shop and buying some delicious herb plants to add to your low calorie home cooked meals. Get green, get healthy and lose that stubborn belly fat!

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