Sunday, April 17, 2011

How To Lose Weight In One Month- Is Salt Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Everybody knows that losing weight takes the right mindset and commitment. If you desire how to lose weight in one month that is simple and effective, please take a close look at your salt intake. This culprit could very well be derailing all of your weight loss efforts.

We all know that sugars and fats in many processed foods are contributing to the rise in obesity rates around the world. But did you know that excess salt can be almost as bad when it comes to causing weight gain? Studies have shown that salt has an addictive nature, changing brain chemistry and making cravings for salty foods almost as strong as those for substances such as nicotine and alcohol. If people just craved a little salt on a stalk of celery, it may not be so bad, but the foods that answer those cravings are more likely ones loaded with fats like French fries, high-sodium fast food sandwiches or a bag of potato chips.

These are the obvious foods that are loaded with salt, fat and calories, but solving the excess salt problem isn't as simple as avoiding these well-known fattening foods. If you really want to lose that stubborn belly fat, you'll need to look deeper, finding all the high-salt culprits in your diet.

Salt is hidden in almost all processed foods. Take a look at the nutrition label and the ingredients of any store-bought soup or spaghetti sauce. You'll be shocked to see that one serving contains anywhere between one-third and one-half the day's sodium. Keep looking. Those boxes of flavored pastas and rice will truly surprise you. Now, read the labels on frozen entrees, bagels, pita bread, reduced fat dressing and even diet soda. See? It's everywhere!

Salt doesn't just cause a craving for salty, high calorie foods. It leads to water retention and bloating, part of the cause of excess weight gain. It also causes some serious health problems. Most of us know that high blood pressure can be the result of excess sodium in the diet, but too much salt can also weaken bones, increase the risk for diabetes and is even implicated in some cancers.

So what can you do to avoid salt and get back on track with your dieting plans? A good first step is to go on a week long salt cleansing diet. This flushes the excess sodium out of your system and almost immediately releases retained water that causes bloating. You'll now feel slimmer and more energetic. For a week, or more if you can, you want to restrict both calories and salt, and have a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and plant proteins to provide all the nutrients you need. Eat small meals with a daily total of under 1000 calories and a daily salt intake of less than 1000mg of sodium. No processed foods, only fresh foods are allowed. Season your food with herbs, spices and pepper. Drink plenty of pure water to help flush your system.

After a week of eating like this your taste buds will be much more attuned to the subtly delicious flavors of unsalted foods. You'll lose not only excess sodium but toxins and wastes that contribute to weight gain. You'll be surprised how good you feel and how easy it will be to stick to a healthy low-salt diet to help speed weight loss and boost your overall health. Your how to lose weight in one month will be highly effective!

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to Lose Weight Plan - How to Help The Environment and Lose Weight Too

Most of us have emerged from winter with a few more pounds than we would like. Everybody says spring is the perfect time to get serious about weight loss as well as create a fantastic how to lose weight plan that can be easily followed. This April, we are celebrating both the environment and our dieting goals and seeing how we can effectively combine the two. While you are becoming a slimmer, more healthy person, it's a great time to consider the health of the planet and pitch in by adding some green habits that are good for both you and the Earth.

A great green option is biking or walking to work or to run errands. Every time you opt for human power over engine power, you are not only burning calories and losing weight, you're reducing your carbon footprint. If it isn't practical to use human power to get to work, start a new routine of daily walks before or after work to get the blood circulating, the lungs working and the muscles pumping. Have a dog? Grab a leash and let your favorite pet benefit from the exercise and time outdoors. If you like calorie calculating, you know that a fast-paced walk can really burn the calories, and there is no reason you can't up the calorie burning by adding a little jogging to your walk. A vigorous walk does wonders for slimming the body and boosting health. It requires no equipment, gym membership or products, making it an activity with virtually no negative impact on the planet.

Always keep in mind that human power is the best way to accomplish both weight loss goals and to lower your carbon footprint. Our ancestors rarely had to worry about dieting because they used their muscles to accomplish most of the jobs they did. During different times in history, being overweight was seen as a sign of success- someone else was doing the work and the person with an excess of pounds was living a life of luxury. They were also suffering from many chronic health problems that their hard working, slimmer counterparts weren't!

Human power replaces gasoline or electric power when walking up the stairs instead taking the elevator, mowing the lawn with an environmentally friendly non-motorized mower rather than a power mower, using a rake rather than a leaf blower and when using hand tools rather than power tools. Every time you move your muscles, calories are being burned. Your circulation improves and breathing deepens, benefiting your entire body.

You don't have to buy an old-fashioned washboard to do the laundry unless you really want to, but do hang out the clothes to dry when the weather permits. Hanging out the laundry provides a gentle workout as you stretch, walk and do minor lifting, and there is nothing like the smell of sun-dried laundry. You're drastically lowering your carbon footprint, just watch your electric meter really speed up when you turn the dryer on!

These are just a few ideas to get you started with your environmentally friendly weight loss plans. You can celebrate a slimmer, healthier you by going to the local nursery or garden shop and buying some delicious herb plants to add to your low calorie home cooked meals. Get green, get healthy and lose that stubborn belly fat!

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weight Loss Plan for Women Over 40 - Why That Belly Fat May Be More Than Just Unsightly

For some women over 40, belly fat is a big problem. Most women who have this problem want to know what a good weight lose plan for women over 40 is. What some women may not know is while belly fat is annoying and unsightly, it may cause more serious problems than not being able to zip up a great pair of skinny jeans. A survival mechanism from our distant past, belly fat was accumulated during times of plenty and then used up during the long months when food was scarce. This remnant from the past is no longer necessary with our plentiful supplies of food. Now the problem is for many people is how the belly fat just accumulates and accumulates!

What is really interesting is that belly fat is unlike the other fat beneath our skin that serves to protect us from the cold and absorb the shock of minor bumps and scrapes. Accumulated fat around the waist line, called visceral fat, is attached to the internal organs. It is found on the outside of the stomach, the liver, spleen and the intestines. The biggest difference between it and subcutaneous fat (fat found beneath the skin on the rest of the body) is belly fat acts as endocrine gland, secreting hormones into the body. One of the most damaging chemicals it secretes are cytokines that cause inflammation and damage to tissues throughout the body.

The more belly fat a person has, the greater the chance for developing insulin resistance that can result in the development of Type 2 diabetes. With the advent of insulin resistance, blood sugar levels can swing wildly, increasing hunger and more overeating. It becomes a vicious cycle causing more weight gain and even more dangerous belly fat.

So, how can the cycle be broken? The guidelines are pretty much the same as for all good weight loss plans. Although belly fat tends to be more stubborn than subcutaneous fat, it will start to melt away with a diet and exercise plan that specifically targets belly fat.

Foods to avoid are refined carbohydrates and saturated fats and trans-fats. White flour, sugar, fatty meats and hydrogenated oils should be completely removed from the diet. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and lean meat. Complex carbohydrates found in whole grains and produce are digested at a slower rate, preventing the spiking of blood sugar. High levels of blood sugar lead to storage as fats, so stick to foods that don't cause a rapid rise in blood sugar. Fresh produce is full of the nutrients the body needs to stay healthy, and with today's diet conscious population you can find a multitude of recipes that use fresh vegetables as the main ingredient.

Starting an effective exercise plan is just as important as watching your diet. Walking is an excellent way to get calorie-burning exercise. It's low-impact on the joints, a wonderful way to burn calories, and,provides a great cardiovascular workout. Walk at a brisk pace and aim for covering two to three miles every day. At the optimum pace, a walk this long should take between a half hour and 45 minutes. Although walking the dog is good exercise, if your dog likes to stop at every tree and fire hydrant, take him for a quick walk, circle back home, drop him off, then head out for a fast paced two-mile walk by yourself.

Interval walking, alternating between a brisk pace and a brief really brisk pace, burns even more calories. These bursts can be less than a minute in length but really pay off with fat burning that continues even after the exercise stops.

Now, you know that walking is easy and belly fat burning, excellent weight lose plan for women over 40. So grab your walking shoes, find some exciting vegetable-based recipes, and start losing that dangerous belly fat. You'll look spectacular and feel so much better!

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