Sunday, February 27, 2011

How To Lose Weight Plan-How to Maintain Your Weight Loss Goals

You've reached your target weight and it's time to celebrate! It took hard work, lifestyle changes, and perseverance, and it was certainly worth all the effort. Take a long look at the success you have achieved, give yourself a heartfelt congratulations, and make a plan to maintain that success. Creating a how to lose weight plan and sticking to it is important. Over and over, diets work then they fail and all the weight comes pouring back on. Don't let that happen to you though! So, how can you maintain your weight loss?

The first step is being completely aware of any weakening in your motivation to continue with your commitment to a new healthier lifestyle. Scrutinize any thoughts about celebrating with a big chocolate cake or bag of chips. Is that really what you want, does it really mesh with your long-term goals of maintaining your new healthy and slim body? Closely watch what thoughts are going through your mind, your self-talk can either make your success permanent or quickly reverse all the hard work you have accomplished. Learn some new self-talk that supports your goals. Something like this, "I have achieved the dreams of my life, I am committed to my new path to a healthier, happier, slimmer me!" Or try this, "I'm healthier, happier, and look better than ever, I am fully capable of maintaining this for the rest of my life."

People who have successfully kept the weight with a how to lose weight plan that's easy for them, usually share tips that helped them continue their healthier habits and keep their weight at its ideal spot.

Many like to continue with tracking what they eat. Writing down everything you consume in a day does take a little time and organization, but the effort can be the difference between maintaining your goals and lapsing back into bad habits. If you used food tracking to help you lose weight, than you should already have a method that works for this strategy. Continue with food tracking for an entire year after reaching your weight loss goals. By doing this, you will assure your new eating habits are permanent.

Try adding something new to your exercise routine. If you are a committed walker, continue walking but add yoga, Pilates, or another form of workout in addition to your walking regimen. Get excited about this new addition to your workout, reward yourself with new exercise clothing, a new accessory, or whatever it takes to help boost the level of motivation you'll need to maintain your new trim body.

Join a support group, either a formal one or just gather together a group of friends who are working on the common goal of losing or maintaining weight. There is nothing like the shared support you'll gain when temptation hits, or motivation levels slip. A quick phone call to one of your group can get you right back on the path to success. It can be a lot more enjoyable going to the gym with a friend and a lot less intimidating joining a new exercise class if you have a buddy with you.

Celebrate your success by fully committing to your new healthy lifestyle. Create a easy how to lose weight plan to keep you on track and that you can follow for the rest of your life and you will see success.

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