Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to Lose Weight In 30 Days - Does Eating Breakfast Help Or Hurt Diet Plan?

Over and over dieters have been told that a hearty breakfast gets the metabolism going, prevents overeating later in the day, and helps with diets. A recent study has shed some doubt on this long-held belief.

This study from Germany looked at the eating habits of almost 400 people; about a quarter of them of normal weight and the rest were categorized in the obese range. Detailed food intake records were recorded by the subjects over a two-week period, and the researchers scrutinized these records looking for any effects of eating breakfast on weight. What they found was the simple fact that eating a large breakfast simply added more calories to their daily consumption. It didn't matter if it was a large or small breakfast, it didn't seem to affect the number of calories consumed during the rest of the day.

Breakfast intake was varied between both groups of participants, with large and small breakfasts, and even no breakfast consumed by people of all weights.

Typical breakfast foods can be high in calories, fried meats like sausage, bread or baked goods with butter or cream cheese, eggs, and cheese, all add heavily to caloric intake. The researchers believe that no matter what people eat for breakfast, or if they don't eat any at all, they are not positively affecting diet plans.

Some of the best words of advice are to eat a healthy breakfast, considering both calories and nutrition. Although a plethora of dieting advice can be found about the benefits of eating a hearty breakfast, according to this research from Germany, there is little to no benefit of eating a big breakfast.

One popular diet plan based on research advises that you can eat anything you want as long as it is before 9:00 am. The research found that over a period of eight months, those who eat a large breakfast lost more weight than those who didn't. This is obviously in conflict with the German study, but the results were gathered over a much longer period of time, whereas the German study was a brief observational study. Even though the group eating the big breakfast in the second study added an average of 150 calories to their day, they lost significantly more weight than the control group.

So, what can we learn from these studies? There is so much conflicting advice; it is sometimes hard to sort out the best plan when looking at personal dieting goals. It does seem that the key to both a slimmer body and a healthier one is wisely picking foods that will support both goals.

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