Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weight Lose Programs-Massive Diet Study Looks at Effectiveness of Weight Loss Diets

Most people who are looking for effective weight loss programs and diet plans know there are many diets out there; some are effective, and others are not. A just released study comparing different diets has concluded which diet is most likely to get results and to help in maintaining ideal weight. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen studied 938 adults and 827 children from 772 families to help them determine what diet is most effective.

Researchers used five different diets in the study:

-a low protein-high glycemic index (GI)
-a low protein-low GI
-a high protein-low GI
-a high protein-high GI
-a control group that did not regard either protein or GI.

The results found that the high protein-low GI diet had the best weight loss and the best success at keeping off the weight.

Some of the controversies with this type of diet are the possible negative effects on the body of consuming too much protein over extended periods of time. In addition, there has been some confusion about what the glycemic index is and how to determine what foods fit where. One example of the confusion is that carrots rank rather high on the GI scale at 72, while chocolate is much lower at 49. There is confusion over the fact that just because a food is lower on the GI scale doesn’t necessarily mean that it is healthier.

Some high protein, low GI diets advocate not eating certain fresh vegetables and fruits that have a multitude of health benefits, making some medical and nutritional experts leery of these diets when used long-term. Although they prove effective in weight loss and maintenance, they may not provide the best choice in overall healthy eating unless dieters are careful about food choices.

For high protein foods, pick lean meats and fish, and low-fat dairy products. When choosing fruits and vegetables, look carefully at GI charts to pick healthy choices. Apples and strawberries are good lower GI fruits while bananas and grapes are higher. This is where the controversy and confusion enters. Both bananas and grapes and high GI pineapple have a wide range of nutrients that promote better health. Should they really be eliminated from the diet plan?

One easy to stick with rule is that whole grains are much lower GI than refined and processed grains such as white flour and white rice. This is one point where good health and lower GI completely agree. Whole grains provide a wide range of nutrients along with fiber that processed and refines grains don’t.

A high protein, low GI diet plan might work for you. I encourage you to do your research to see if this diet will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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Monique Hawkins

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