Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lose Weight Fast and Easy-Are You Hijacking Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Now-days, everyone is looking for ways to lose weight fast and easy. They may even try various fast weight loss programs.

The good news is if you are looking to lose 10 pounds fast and easy, 20 pounds fast and easy, or whatever your goal may be, you can no w put away the calorie counting calculator, you won't need it any more!  You see, it isn't a matter of counting calories and thinking you can eat processed foods and still lose weight. It is those processed foods that are preventing you from losing that weight.

The trick to both good health and weight loss is fresh, unprocessed food. These are the foods the body knows how to handle. They are easily digested, absorbed, and assimilated by the body, providing you with nutrients, improving health and energy levels. Believe it or not, your body really doesn't know what to do with things like trans-fats, corn syrup, food additives, preservatives and all the other artificial ingredients in packaged foods. This leads to poor digestion, buildup of waste and toxins in the body, and you become sluggish, fatigued, have no energy and no motivation. Even though you are counting those calories you aren't losing belly fat or much of any weight at all.

Remember reading about the new Food Pyramid a few weeks ago? Use that as your guide to what foods are really going to help you lose weight. Have you noticed that nowhere on the pyramid is there a place for microwave dinners? Read the ingredients on those pre-packaged foods. See things you have no idea what they are and can't pronounce? Those are the things that you body doesn't understand either.

The key to high energy levels and healthy weight loss is to never put a single item of processed or pre-packaged food into your grocery cart or into your mouth. Give yourself a two-week transition period; don't try to do this all in one day. Abrupt changes in eating patterns usually end up in failure. So, over the next two weeks analyze what you eat and start moving away from opening up boxes or popping frozen dinners in the microwave. Start buying fresh food, lean meats, fish, plenty of different fruits and vegetables, brown rice, nuts and a good supply of natural herbs and spices for flavorful meals. Use the Food Pyramid to guide you and give you good ideas and advise on starting a new health and weight loss diet!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins

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