Friday, July 16, 2010

Fast Ways to Lose Weight-Visualize Yourself Thin and Eating Right

You have probably heard of visualizing that new, thin, glamorous body you can have with the right diets and weight loss. Bring the image to mind in full clarity, with every detail, everything you want to be. See yourself in new clothes, a bathing suit at the beach, shorts that show off shapely legs.

Yes, this can motivate you to stick to weight loss and exercise plans but is it enough? Is it a fast way to lose weight? You may have a long way to go before that slim shape becomes reality and it can be frustrating when your physical self doesn't become that beautiful mental image as quickly as you would like. That gorgeous body is there, but how can you get from feeling fat and being ashamed of the way you look to that lovely, slim person you know you can be?

By vividly visualizing each and every step on the way, you will be able to achieve your dreams. Make each image as real, as exciting, as hilarious, and as wild as you can. This way each visualization will stick in your mind and help you reshape your old patterns of behavior into new ones that will bring you health, fitness, and permanent weight loss. This part will take a deep analysis of what it is that is holding you
back from accomplishing your rapid weight loss goals. Look at the actions you take each day, what is it that contributes to your lack of total success?

Can't get motivated for your workout? Visualize an energetic self, dashing out of bed, ready to job, walk, lift weights, swim, whatever exercise you enjoy. Watch yourself doing this activity in your mind and enjoying it.
Go to fast food restaurants as a little reward, or a sinful pleasure? In your mind, make a little movie of this one. You are approaching, getting ready to turn in and the steering wheel falls right off and into your
hands, preventing you from getting that calorie packed meal. Laugh hard as you visualize this. That makes it stick!

Looking for a cheesecake in the refrigerator? Visualize opening the door to a beautiful world of healthy low fat vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. Think about how beautiful they are and what a huge surprise finding all that wonderful food in there is! Imagine the delicious recipes you can create, actually smell that food cooking. Ah, it smells so tantalizing!

The trick to this is intensely visualizing the steps you need to take, see them, smell them, and feel them, experience emotion as you do this. This way what you visualize will be easy to incorporate into your new, slim and healthy life!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins

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