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How to Lose Weght Effectively-Read Nutrition Labels to Help Maintain Healthy Weight Loss

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In order to effectively lose weight and keep it off, you’ve got to know what goes into your mouth. Really know. Every bite you eat is important when you have a goal to achieve, so be smart about your food, make reading nutrition labels a part of your weight loss routine.

We all know that lower fat and sugar content generally mean a healthier food, one that helps you lose that weight and gain a fit body. But there is more to the story. Here is a brief look at those labels and what is included in them.

Serving Size: It won’t do you any good if you ignore the portion the label refers to. The serving size is at the top of the label, it gives the weight of one serving and an approximation of how many servings there are in the
package. So, there are only 25 calories per serving, great, but not if youeat the entire bag of goodies! Weight loss starts with controlling portions, and here’s your guide.

Calories and Calories from Fat: This is next on the label and next in importance to someone on a weight loss plan. If you read no further than this, you are already armed with the most important information.

Nutrients: The nutrients in the food are reported both in grams and in the Percent Daily Value. This will be shown for both a 2000 and 2500 calorie daily intake. Notice the breakdown of the fats into saturated, trans fat, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and cholesterol. Sodium and potassium aretwo minerals measured and reported on the label.

Avoid foods high in sodium for cardiovascular health. Carbohydrates are reported overall and then broken into dietary fiber and sugars. High fiber content is beneficial to those on weight loss diets.

Last is protein. Know what amount of protein is optimal for someone with your size and level of activity.

Vitamin and Minerals: The last nutrients to be shown are the vitamins and minerals.

Armed with this information you are on your way to choosing healthier foods and a step closer to your weight loss goals.

To Your Success,

Monique Hawkins

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