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Childhood Obesity PreventionTips-Healthy Eating Habits Start in Early Childhood

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While you are striving to maintain a healthy weight or lose those extra pounds, keep in mind that eating habits start when very young. It is time  to begin educating children on the benefits of a wholesome diet as soon as your children or grandchildren first start consuming table food.

The first rule of passing on healthy eating habits is to model what you teach. It does no good to explain the benefits of low fat and low sugar foods if the local fast food restaurant is where you stop for meals.

Introducing a variety of healthy fruits, vegetables and whole grains early in life can start your child on a lifetime of eating healthy. They won’t face the constant battle of trying to lose weight and they won’t be as susceptible to disease. They will enjoy a healthy, balanced diet filled with wholesome foods.

So, how to do this with a busy schedule? It really takes no more time to prepare healthy food than it does foods full of fats and sugars. A trip to the grocery store is where healthy eating starts. Fill the cart with fresh vegetables and fruits, naming each one as you load it in the cart and explaining the health benefits found in each item. Pick lean meats or fish,and tell your children where the food comes from. An amazing number of children have no idea where milk really comes from, where potatoes are grown or how bread is made.

Make snack time a fresh and exciting array of fruits, vegetables and nuts or real cheeses. A platter loaded with sliced apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, baby carrots, nuts and fresh cheeses will disappear as quick as can be! Dinners with lean meat or fish, vegetables and whole grain pasta or rice will help you lose weight and keep your children healthy.

You don’t have to pass on your struggle with weight. Start right now helping your children lead a more healthful life.

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