Sunday, May 30, 2010

How to Lose Weight Effectively-Follow the NEWSTART Lifestyle

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If you are someone who struggles with a lack of energy on a daily basis, who desires to lose weight effectively, or who struggles with other health challenges such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc., there are some people who have followed the NEWSTART Lifestyle program and experienced renewed health and vigor along with weight loss.

What is NEWSTART? Here is a brief description of it:

N-Nutrition: The diet is plant based and free of all animal products and endorsees whole, natural foods. The diet is naturally high in fiber, low in fat, and cholesterol free.

E-Exercise: Our bodies are made to be physically active. Regular exercise not only will help you to lose weight, have increased energy, but also combats many health problems both physical and mental. Plus, daily exercise strengthens the immune system, improves circulation and reduces stress.

W-Water: Our bodies are made up of mostly water and almost every body function is dependent on it. Adequate water intake will also increase energy and promote fat loss. 6 to 8 glasses per day are recommended.

S-Sunshine: Sunlight is one of nature’s natural healers and it is crucial for strong bones. Just 15 minutes a day of sunlight can provide the daily body requirements for Vitamin D.

T-Temperance: Temperance is simply maintaining a healthy balance in all areas of your life. It also means avoiding anything which is harmful to your body and mind and moderation in that which is good. Focus on including in your life all good things which will promote weight loss, increase your energy levels, keep your heart healthy, etc.

A-Air: Air is the body’s most frequently needed resource. Living in an environment where air quality is good increases your ability to fight disease. Deep breathing of fresh, outdoor air promotes a good oxygen supply for your body.

R-Rest: Adequate and proper rest promotes productivity and your disease resistance is increased. Everybody needs quiet physical relaxation after active work, vigorous exercise after mental work, and deep restorative sleep.

T-Trust in Divine Power: Learning to trust in God is the most important aspect of the NEWSTART Lifestyle. Many people today struggle with stress, fear, and anxiety which negatively impact the chemistry of all body systems. Becoming acquainted with the Creator of the universe and trusting in Him ehanhances physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

The NEWSTART Lifestyle Program is a powerful healer and taught by Weimar Institute, a non-profit Christian Wellness Center in the Sierra foothills between Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, CA. People come from all over the world seeking to regain their health. You do not have to go to Weimar to begin to incorporate these wonderful strategies into your life!

Why not begin so today?

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

To Your Success,

Monique Hawkins

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lose Weight Really Fast-The Perils of Crash Diets

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There are many diets and weight loss products on the market today for those of us who desire to lose weight.

Unfortunately, those who have the "I want to be thin now" mindset many times may fall for the numerous crash diets out there. They don't realize these diets can make them more fat in the long term!

How can this be? It is because those diets which call for people to consume fewer than 1200 calories a day cause them to lose muscle tissue AND fat. What also will happen is the body fat percentage will actually increase, the opposite of what most dieters want to happen.

Other health perils include increasing chances of heart disease. It sounds strange, but it is true. This happens because the blood cholesterol levels increase when weight loss happens too quick. This also results in gaining weight back quickly after the initial loss.

 Even more concernful is that losing weight too quickly accelerates the rate at which cholesterol goes to the blood cells.

Lastly, crash diets are bad for your overall health because they can make dieters more susceptible to infections.

The bottom line is this: if you need weight loss help and the right diet information, always talk to your doctor first as well as an expert in nutrition and fitness. These guys will get you started off on the right track!

To Your Success,

Monique Hawkins

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lose Weight Really Fast-Top 5 Snacks That Skyrocket Weight Loss

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Healthy snacking can be beneficial to your body. This is because it keeps your body energized, maintains a steady blood and sugar levels, and keeps you less hungry.  All of these are elements for effective weight loss.

There are good foods you can snack on for your diet and not so good foos. Here are 5 healthy snacks you can indulge in guilt free:

1.Fruit and Yogurt Parfait.  Use organic yogut and those that are non-flavored. This reduces the sugar intake. With plain yogurt, you can add your own fruits for a delicious flavor

2. Veggie Sticks With Cottage Cheese Dip.  Did you know that vegetble can have a lot of fiber? Fiber keeps you full which makes it easier to stick to your diet plan. Plus, non-starchy vegetables contain almost eight times the amount of fiber found in whole grains.

3. A Handful of Nuts. One of the best nuts to eat are wlanuts. This is because they are rich in protein, fiber, and contain a high dose of omega 3 fatty acids. Healthy fats help lower your risk of disease
4. Celery Sticks and Almond Butter. This is a fantasticcombination of protein, monounsaturated fat and energy.

5. Banana Nut Pop. Dip a banana in plain organic yogurt and roll in walnuts or coconut. Freeze and then eat. It is quite delicious!

Add these delicious snacks to your diet today! Your weight loss efforts will be all the easier!

To Your Success,

Monique Hawkins

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lose Weight Really Fast-Jeannie's Story

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I recently heard from one of Weight Loss Secrets for Life ezine subscriber's named Jeannie Chai. She shared how she has lost 9 pounds in a month and a half!

I am so happy for her! Jeannie says this:

"So far I have developed my own little meal plan and exercise plan.

For breakfast, I eat yogurt, for lunch, I  eat what I want to, but not fat food, something like lean meat, sandwich etc. And for dinner, I eat salad with some chicken meat or salmon.
As for my exercise plan, I exercise for 30 minutes each day either on my cardio workout machine or the stepper (stepper is recommended for lazy people).

The stepper I'm using is really interesting, it was a handle which you can hold onto, and you should move your hands while exercising too. (double workout!)
Jeannie Chai from Hong Kong
Now guys, this is very simple what Jeannie did. If she can do this, you can too!
Keep motivated and those pounds will come off! Keep up the good work Jeannie!
To Your Success,

Monique Hawkins
Weight Loss Secrets for Life
Skype: Monique371

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Lose Weight Really Fast-How To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

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I have never had a baby, but I have heard friends say how difficult it can be to lose the weight after having a one.  Well, I have come across a site that I think will help you if you are a new mom who wants her pre-baby bod back!

Leah Segedie from California has started a site called

Leah said she had gotten up to a size 22 and now, after four years of eating right and exercising, is now down to a fantastic size 6.  She says:

"I'm here to say it can be done."

If you are a mom, when you  log onto the site you will be able to instantly access fitness and nutrition tips from a team of 45 writers as well as get involved in a community of over 2,400 women who really understand your struggles.

Leah goes on to say that "Slimming down is a challenge, especially if you are stuck at home. But like anything hard, it's easier when we all pull together."

To visit Leah's site, go to

To Your Success,

Monique Hawkins

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lose Weight Really Fast-Top 4 Supplements to Boost Weight Loss

There are lots of fad and crash diets on the market today which claim to help regulate your  hunger and help you  lose weight really fast. However, recent research has shown how important nutrient considerations should be taken since they also help regulate your hunger naturally. While the best way to get these nutrients is through your foods, experts recommend you consider these four supplements for extra insurance.

Slimming Supplement #1: Vitamin D. Those who have high levels of this vitamin at the start of slim down efforts lose more weight according to researchers at the Endoctrine Society's annual meeting. The recommended dose is 1,000 mg a day. Good food sources are fortified cereals, juice, dairy products, a multi-vitamin, or a vitamin d supplement.

Slimming Supplement #2: Probiotics. Canadian researchers found that those tho took a probiotic supplement reported a weight loss average of 2 pounds a week compared to those on a placebo. Target for 4 to 20 mg a day from garlic, onions, artichokes, fortified yogurt, or supplements.

Slimming Supplement #3: Calcium. In another research study, women who were deficient in calcium and who took 1,200 mg a day for 15 weeks lost up to 4 times as much weight as those who did not and took a placebo. Calcium can be gained from foods such as low fat dairy and leafy green vegetables. In addition, 500 or 600 mg of a calcium carbonate or citrate supplement can be taken two times a day.

Slimming Supplement #4: Multi-Vitamin. In another 15 week study, women who took a multi-vitamin every day felt up to 45% less hunger than those tho took a placebo.Add to your your diet plenty of colorful fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins, You can also take a good multi-vitamin supplement with no more than 100% of the daily value of nutrients needed.

Weight loss can become easier for you when you make sure these supplements are included in your diet!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lose Weight Really Fast-Lose One Pound A Week the Healthy Way

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Many of us desire to lose weight really fast. And yes, we can drop weight just by dieting. However, recent research has discovered that if people fail to exercise as well, they could be missing out on many health benefits.

In a study published in the "Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise", one group of ladies worked out five days a week and reduced their caloric intake while the others just reduced calories.

Says Enette Larson-Meyer, PH.D the study's lead author, "Everyone lost about 10 percent of their body weight over 6 months. But those who exercised also saw improvements in their cholesterol and blood pressure levels." Plus, they increase their life expectancy by 19%!

To lose weight plus improve your health, shoot to burn 250 calories a day at the gym and cut the same amount from your daily calories.

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins

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