Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lose Weight Really Fast: These Two Ingredients Will Sabatoge Your Weight Loss

When you decide to take control over your eating habits to lose weight and body fat, it is essential to avoid two ingredients: high-fructose corn syrup and trans-fats. These two health-robbing chemicals are present in a wide-variety of prepared foods, including baked goods, soft-drinks and salad dressings.

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a common replacement for more expensive cane sugar in a multitude of products. The reason that high-fructose corn syrup is a diet-killer is that it wreaks havoc on blood-sugar levels. High blood-sugar levels are linked to many of the conditions that plague modern life: pre-diabetes (impaired fasting blood-sugar levels) type II diabetes,and coronary heart-disease. One of the primary sources of HFCS in our diets is soft drinks. Did you know that one 48-oz."super-size" soda can contain as many as 550 calories, not to mention the equivalent of over 13 tablespoons of sugar? If you drink one of these every day for a week without reducing your caloric intake or burning off an equivalent amount of calories through exercise, you can gain a pound a week--a whopping 52 pounds a year! Replace any beverages containing HFCS with cold, refreshing water or unsweetened ice tea as a first step for weight loss. If you are a regular consumer of soda, you will lose weight by following this simple step alone.

Trans-fats are commonly found in baked goods such as pies, cookies, crackers and also as oil for frying goods such as french-fries or potato chips. Trans-fats were developed to ensure a long shelf-life for these types of products, but their detrimental health effects were not known at the time of their development. Trans-fats are created by taking a mono-unsaturated (liquid) fat and reacting it with hydrogen gas. The resulting fat from the reaction is solid at room temperature. When we consume trans-fats, they build up in our arteries just as grease clogs a drain. Eventually, this build up of fat in our arteries can cause coronary heart disease and stroke, and is also believed to contribute to dementia in the elderly.

So how can we avoid these lethal ingredients in our foods? Our first and best line of defense is simply by reading the labels on food products. Both high-fructose corn-syrup and trans-fats are required to be listed on labels. Also, be wary of fast-foods such as fried chicken, fish sandwiches and fried pies. Ask if these foods have been prepared with trans-fat free oils or not. If the restaurant staff can't tell you if the food is fried in oil containing trans-fat or not, it's best to avoid it altogether. So educate yourself as a consumer and reap the health benefits of your due diligence.

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Monique Hawkins
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