Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lose Weight Really Fast-Top 5 of 8 Ways to Clean Up Your Diet

The previous post covered the top 3 of eight ways to clean up your diet so you can lose weight fast.  Today, we will discover what the last 5 methods you can begin to use today to achieve your weight loss goals.

Tip #4: Become a label reader. When dieting, you gotta learn to distinguish clean foods from processed ones. Processed foods are those with artificial flavors and coloring, preservatives, high sodium, fat, and sugar content, contain dyes, etc.

Tip #5: Keep nutrients in mind. It is best for your health and weight to focus on nutrients rather than just product price. Consider if the price of food is worth the nutrients if provides. Look at things such as protein, fiber, fat content, vitamins, minerals, sugar content, etc.

Tip #6: Eat home more. Did you know that eating at home and eating more wholesome food can be a big benefit to your weight loss efforts? It's true! Don't know how to cook? Then get a few cookbooks and have your mom or a friend help you out.

Tip #7: Retrain your taste buds. If can be a challenge to eat new foods that are best for your health and fitness goals. This is especially true if you are used to lots eating lots of sugar, salt, fat, additives, etc. Take it slow and begin to gradually to mix in the healthier alternatives such as whole wheat pasta mixed with enriched pasta or replacing your sugar cereal "Captain Crunch" with "Cheerios".

Tip #8: Use the 80-20 approach. Eating clean food can provide a big body detox and be a huge component with your dieting efforts. Plan on eating 80% of natural, wholesome foods with 20% of cheat foods (yes, you can cheat some!) for events such as traveling, social outings, etc.

Yes, lose weight really fast, as you can see now, doesn't really happen in a week. However, you can lose 1 pound a week. It takes a commitment of a lifestyle change and eating in ways that will enable you have a body that is healthy with a humming metabolism. If you take action and follow this 8 clean eating tips, you will see results!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins

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