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Lose Weight Really Fast-Top 3 of 5 Weight Loss Does and Don'ts

This is a continuation from the last lose weight really fast post in which we covered the three of the 5 weight loss do's and don'ts.

It appears as if you want to lose those excess pounds in a timely manner, there are certain things you should be doing and others you should be running from.

Let's see what the top 3 of weight loss does and don't are!

Fitness Foundry 2010 Top 5 Do's & Don'ts for Weight Loss
04.01.10 - Julio A. Salado

3. Not addressing muscle imbalances:

DON’T: Start a weight loss program without reviewing your current health. Muscle imbalances usually occur from injuries (e.g. ACL, rotator cuff.), repetitive movement patterns (sport specific, sedentary lifestyle). Most commonly, these imbalances arise from a culture of sitting in front of a computer/TV for hours at a time. Your body was designed to move, not to sit for long durations. Sitting will basically make important muscles of the torso/core weaker while promoting serious muscle dominance in others. This muscle dominance does affect our joint actions/posture and is commonly seen with low back pain, knee discomfort, shoulder/neck stress, poor posture and decrease joint range of motion.

DO: Get a fitness assessment, most health clubs offer this service free of charge! If you begin a routine without addressing these usually reversible muscle imbalances, then you are missing a great opportunity to prevent injuries and burn more calories!!! If you are not a member of a club, list your past injuries, current muscular/joint pains and make an appointment for a physical with your doctor. Inform them you want to start a weight loss program and follow their suggestions.

2. Excessive cardiovascular exercising:

DON’T: I must stress, if your goal is to lose weight (e.g. body fat NOT muscle) then doing cardio every day exceeding 60 minutes is counterproductive. The laws of diminishing returns can apply to the belief MORE is better when it comes to cardio. If you are doing the same cardio (e.g. treadmill) every day for more than 60 minutes and not seeing results, you are probably overtraining. Your body has activated its’ primal survivor mechanism and is not using fat and carbohydrates for fuel but rather lean muscle. Some overtraining symptoms are fatigue, weight gain, poor sleep, irritability, no appetite and injuries.

DO: Plan your week in advance. You should have cardio only days balanced with total body workout days that finish with a 15-20 minute cardio session (do not exceed 1 hour). Cardio only days should be 25 minutes to 60 minutes. Remember to begin at a pace where you can hold a conversation. Eventually, your conditioning will improve and your time will increase. For the first 1-4 weeks, time and consistency are the most important variables for weight loss, not intensity.

1. Realistic time table:

Don’t: Try to steer away from the diet fads, miracle creams and equipment that claim unbelievable results in 1 week etc... Fact, to lose 1LB of body fat you need to burn 3500 kilo calories per week. However, if you are trying to take shortcuts for weight loss with pills, supplements etc…chances are you are getting more than you bargained for. On top losing weight you are also losing important vitamins/minerals needed for cellular function, lean muscle and your hard earned money as well as the opportunity to experience the rewards of long term results.

DO: There is the healthy method of losing weight through nutrition awareness (proportioned macronutrients), cardiovascular exercise with strength and conditioning program. These are the 3 necessary ingredients to build a solid foundation for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. This formula will promote an increase in metabolism, increase in stamina, tone muscles, improved self-confidence, long term weight loss along with a host of other benefits.

Training for weight loss is not a linear process, meaning you will not see the same results every week. We live in a society that craves instant gratification at any cost. This article was written to counter that mindset, you can achieve your fitness goals without compromising your mental and physical health. By the way, results are not “atypical”.

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Be well and stay ACTIVE!!!
Julio A. Salado, NSCA-CPT, R.K.C.
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I really liked this article. The true facts about whether we can really lose weight really fast and what realistic goals should be.  I hope you achieve your weight and fat loss results sooner rather than later!

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