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How To Be Thin-More How to Be Thin Tips This Holiday Season

In our last post, we learned how to be thin while shopping at the mall this holiday season. Today, we will learn how we can still have trim waists while hitting all those holiday parties with the Christmas cookies and other goodies!

Holiday Party Guide: Eat, Drink, and Still Be Slim

The dreaded holiday buffet spread -- for the average dieter, it's a seasonal sight that's anything but merry. This year, we're going to show you how you can defend your waistline and still enjoy yourself at any party -- from finger foods and cheese plates to drinks and dessert. Happy holidays!

Prevent Party Pig-Out

If they're not in the bathroom line, you know exactly where most women are: Hovering over the buffet table, thinking, I'm famished. This stuff looks scrumptious. Forget the diet. Now, you don't have to be one of them.

You'll bust your seams if you...

Skip meals all day long.
Why? "Arriving at the party hungry will make you reach for the first thing you see (and the second, and the third!) -- whether it's healthy or not," says Elisa Zied, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and author of Feed Your Family Right!

Instead: "Cut back on refined carbs and fats throughout the day to give yourself some leeway," advises Zied. "And include protein and fiber in every meal to help you feel full." For example, at breakfast have oat bran cereal with skim milk, a low-fat yogurt, and a piece of fruit. At lunch, throw some beans into your salad and swap the oil-based dressing for balsamic vinegar with a little mustard mixed in. Have a healthy snack -- a handful of nuts or air-popped popcorn -- right before the party.

Work out as an excuse to eat more.
Why? "One exercise session is not going to make up for the hundreds of extra calories consumed at a party," says Zied.

Instead: "Add an extra 10 minutes to your workout for a week, if you know you may be overly tempted," recommends Zied. "When you exercise just to compensate for calorie intake, you're setting yourself up to feel bad when you can't work off a high-calorie meal."

Taste a little bit of everything.
Why? "Studies show that eating too many different types of food may turn on your appetite," says Zied.

Instead: "Survey the entire food spread first," says Zied, "then choose a few things that you really want." Count the party grub as one meal -- aim for 500 to 600 calories, including your drink, she adds. Take two small-size plates of food -- one for snacks, the other for appetizers.

This were great party tips on how to be slim and stay slim at parties. In the next post, learn how to be thin at the office!

Have a Merry Christmas!

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