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Get Skinny Quick-An Apple A Day Does More Than Keep The Doctor Away

We have all heard the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Did you also know apples can help you get skinny quick because they help you consume fewer calories? It true and here is why!

An Apple a Day Keeps ... Elastic Waistbands Away?
Turns out an apple a day can do more than keep the doctor away. A Penn State University at State College study showed people who consumed an apple prior to a meal consumed 15% fewer calories than those who did not.

As much as this could be attributed to the fruit's filling fiber content, it may be in the mind, too -- it takes a long time to chew a whole apple (including skin), so the apple eaters probably felt like they had consumed quite a bit more food than those who didn't munch the fruit, which helped them know when to say when.

Apples are not only fat-free and a calorie bargain (around 80 calories for a medium-sized one), they're a great source of dietary fiber, which can help you feel fuller longer to prevent overeating. These days there are so many choices it's downright confusing! These tips will help you make the right pick when you're shopping for apples.


Braeburn apple

Braeburn apples originated from New Zealand. Their main color ranges from orange to red over a yellow background. They are highly flavorful, sweet and a little tart. Available October through July. Good for most uses, especially for snacking and salads.


Fuji apples are bi-colored, usually striped with yellow and red, and are sweet, juicy and firm. They're available year round. Great for all uses, particularly snacking. My personal favorite!

Tip: Always choose firm apples with no soft spots.

Golden Delicious

golden delicious
Golden Delicious apples are pale yellow-green. Available year round, they are crisp and sweet with a mild flavor. Good for most any purpose. They're helpful for cutting calories in pie-baking -- they're so sweet that you can use less sugar!

Granny Smith

Granny Smith
Known for their green color, Granny Smith apples are very tart and are good for virtually all purposes, particularly in applesauce. They sometimes bear a red blush and are available year round.

Tip: To prevent apples from absorbing odors, store apart from foods with strong smells.


Jonathan AppleU.S. Apple Assoc.
Originating from Woodstock, N.Y., the Jonathan apple is crimson with touches of green. Typically available from September through April. They have a spicy tang that makes them good for pies, sauces and cider.

Tip: Dip apple slices into three parts water to one part lemon juice to impede browning.


Jonagold AppleU.S. Apple Assoc.
As the name implies, Jonagold is a cross between a Jonathan and Golden Delicious. This variety features a unique honey-tart flavor and has a crispy, red-orange skin. Usually available October through July. Great for cooking and snacking.

Tip: Store apples in the fridge to slow ripening and retain flavor.

Red Delicious

red delicious
Red Delicious are deep red (almost magenta) and are sweet and juicy. They're available year round. Excellent for snacks and slicing in salads, but not so great for cooking or baking.

Tip: Always wash apples with soap and water; rinse well.

Rome Beauty

Rome Beauties are bright red and smooth. They're available September through July. Sweet and juicy, yet mildly tart, the Rome Beauty is a great snack. Baking or sautéeing them helps to greatly intensify the flavor.

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