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Get Skinny Quick-

We are getting close to the end of the 100 easy ways to lose weight and get skinny quick. Hopefully the weight loss tips which have been covered so far will help get you on the road to success! Let's get going with 5 more easy tips,

100 Easy Weight Loss Tips
Jennifer Scott

Tip #76: Choose your cardio class carefully.

If you find yourself getting toe-twisted every few minutes and looking around helplessly at your class-mate's shuffling feet trying to figure out where to step next, that class just isn't for you. Settle for low-impact, simple classes to get started

Tip #77: Pick The right Video

Your first step to finding the right exercise video is to find one you are going to actually want to do. No matter how intense or fat burning your new exercise video is, if it sits on the shelf all day, it's not going to do you any good. Some examples of popular aerobics are step (you step up and down on a plastic step or a crate), sports (like the very popular Tae Bo) or dance-based (e.g. disco dancing with exercise movements incorporated or "Jazzercise").

Tip #78: Begin Strength Training

As long as your doctor says it's okay, there's no reason you shouldn't get started with some form of strength training, because getting strong will help you get slim a lot quicker than aerobic exercise alone.

Tip #79: Vary the Strength Training

Doing exercises like sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups are all components of strength training. You can also do your own modified version of weight lifting with household items. Hold a can of soup in each hand and do some chest-flies and curls.

Tip #80: Strength Train A Few Days a Week

Exercise experts recommend that we get an aerobic workout at least five days a week, but strength training works with two or three sessions a week. We used to think three strength training sessions were required per week in order to be effective, but that "magic number" has been reduced in recent years.

More tips from the 100 get skinny quick easy weight loss tips in the next post!

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