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Get Skinny Quick-More Easy Weight Loss Tips

Getting skinny quick is really a myth. However, there are things we can do to help our bodies lose the excess fat and weight steadily month by month.

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Tip #71: Low impact videos are best for beginners and are considered the safest level of impact as far as injury risk goes. The main difference is that high and mixed impact videos may include jumping movements and both feet may be off of the floor at some point.

Tip #72: Exercise may help you succeed at breaking your weight loss plateau. Many people hit a stopping point where their diet and amount of exercise simply seems to stop working. Increasing your physical activity may give your weight loss another "push" and you'll begin losing again. Strength training is especially effective in doing so because building muscle will burn fat.

Tip #73: Exercise reduces the risk for several diseases including heart disease, adult-onset diabetes, high blood pressure or hypertension, breast cancer, osteoporosis and colon cancer. Exercise may also help prevent, or be effective in treating, some mental illnesses, such as depression.

Tip #74: Find what works for your body, not just what's popular. Not only should an exercise class help you lose weight, it should also be enjoyable and it should be a source of energy for you. Just because, say, Pilates, is all the rage at your local Y, it doesn't mean you should try to force your body into it if you're just now getting started with working out.

Tip #75: Your personal interests and preferences can guide you toward finding the right exercise class for you. For example, did you love swimming as a child? Then you'll probably enjoy being back in the pool for water aerobics. Does cutting a rug suit your fancy? Low-impact aerobics classes and fitness dancing will get your toes tapping.

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