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Get Skinny Quick-Losing Weight Is Not As Difficult As You Think

So far, we have uncovered 58 get skinny quick weight loss tips that will help us to drop those unwanted pounds. If you implement at least some of the tips, you will quickly discover that losing weight is not as difficult as you think!

Let's dig up more quick weight loss tips now.

100 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Tip #59: Limit those Soda's

A normal-sized bottle of soda can pack in around 350 calories. Go back for a large soda refill or two at your local fast food restaurant and you could swallow as many as 1,000 extra calories with your meal. The best alternative for soda is to drink water instead... not only is it calorie-free, it offers many other health benefits. Try adding a sprig of mint or a slice of lemon to make it more palatable.

Tip #60: Don't Skip Meals

Skipping meals will not lead to healthy, permanent weight loss. By doing without a breakfast here and a lunch there, you may take off a few pounds at first, but eventually your body will send itself into "starvation mode" and start banking calories. You will inevitably hit a plateau and not lose at all. You simply must give your body the fuel it needs.

Tip #61: Pack Your Lunch

Normally dine out at your lunch hour? Better have a back-up plan. Prepare a brown bag lunch every day just in case you're not able to leave the office. Working through lunch shouldn't mean you have to make it on an empty stomach until quitting time or... even worse... to make a meal off of candy bars and chips from the vending machine!

Ti p#62: Wait It Out

Believe it or not, you can simply wait out a craving. Sometimes we may even mistake a craving for actual hunger. Playing the waiting game will help you distinguish between the two.

Tip #63: Watch the Popcorn

Think popcorn is always a healthy choice? It often is… depending on where you get it. Air popped popcorn or light versions of microwave popcorn are super weight-watching snacks. But movie theater popcorn is a diet disaster waiting to happen. It is often popped in high-fat oil like coconut oil. Sprinkle on some buttery topping and you’ve taken the fat and calorie content up, up and away.

More 100 get skinny quick easy weight loss tips in the next post!

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