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Get Skinny Quick-Don't Fall for Weight Loss Myths

To get skinny quick, many of us fall for a lot of myths that can prevent us from losing weight. It is my hope that these 100 get skinny weight loss tips have been helping you make wise food choices and simple lifestyles changes that can get you on the road to success.

So, that said, let's continue on!

100 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Tip #54: "Nuts are fattening. I shouldn't have those almonds." Instead of taking advantage of the nutrients and protein they could offer, this thought leads you to label almonds as "bad" because of their fat content. Then you reach for that candy bar since it has just as much fat as the almonds. See the faulty logic here? Think through your food choices completely before you act upon them.

Tip #55: Despite what you may think, the special section of sugar-free treats for diabetics at your local supermarket isn't exactly a dieter's dream. These specially-made sugar-free sweets like cookies or snack bars often contain nearly as many calories as their "normal" counterparts.

Tip #56: Does a fridge full of leftovers spell diet d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r for you? We know how difficult it is to keep moderation in mind when you sit down in front of an entire bucket of chicken or a seemingly bottomless bowl of macaroni and cheese! Trick yourself into eating a streamlined portion by pre-packing your foods into single-serving size plasticware. You can even get the divided, covered plastic plates and portion-out an entire meal ahead of time.

Tip #57: Go ahead, have the cheesecake! Did you do a double-take on that one? Totally denying yourself the foods you take pleasure in is a sure-fire way to set yourself up for failure. So gtreat yourself once in a while. Just be sure to apply the mindful moderation principle: Cut your normal portion in half and truly savor every bite. Eventually, a small portion of your favorite "guilty pleasures" will satisfy your cravings.

Tip #58: Imagine a vertical line going through the middle of your plate; picture a horizontal line on one side of it. Fill up half your plate with raw or steamed veggies (Say no to butter and cheese toppings, though!). Cover the other half as follows: 1/4 whole grains like whole wheat pasta or bread, long grain rice, etc., and the other 1/4 with protein, like lean meat, chicken or fish.

More 100 get skinny quick easy weight loss tips in the next post!

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