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Get Skinny Quick-7 Tips for Quick Weight Loss

Getting skinny quick, as many of us find out, does not happen immediately. However, with the right diet choices, mindset, and lifestyle changes, losing weight can occur and in a timely manner.

Let's discover some other simple things we can do to lose weight with ease.

100 Easy Weight Loss tips
Jennifer R Scott

Tip #64:

Sometimes I can list a dozen things I could be doing instead of exercising. The only thing that gets me to exercise when I don't want to is to think about how I will feel afterwards, knowing deep down that I have done something that is far more beneficial than, say ... color-coding my closet.

Tip #65:

Putting on my exercise clothes when I'm not in the mood is my motivator. Granted, sometimes it doesn't work and I wind up watching TV. (I believe that channel surfing is an aerobic activity if I do it in spandex!) But nine times out of 10, I feel obligated to finish what I started.

Tip #66:

Before you start any weight loss program or make a drastic change to your diet, you will need to see your doctor. Get a physical if you haven’t had one recently. You should discuss any related health concerns and gain her approval of your chosen weight loss method.

Tip #67:

Keep in mind how great you’ll feel after working out. If you’re feeling down or sluggish, don’t convince yourself that exercising will sap your energy. It will do just the opposite. You’ll actually feel more energized following a workout, even if you're feeling tired beforehand. Plus, exercising is a great way to chase away the blues, even if it’s just a simple walk.

Tip #68

So, it’s time to head down to the Y and you’re tuckered out. Help yourself to a coffee or diet soda. It’s just fine to consume caffeine a few minutes before a workout; it will give your nervous system a boost. Bonus: Caffeine may actually speed up your metabolism for a time!

Tip #69

One of the best ways to take a walking routine up a notch is to add some interval training. This means you'll speed up your pace for a minute or two every several minutes. If you're walking more than one mile, you could also alternate a run-walk, adding arm movements, or ankle weights while leaving one mile to take a little more slowly.

Tip #70

When choosing an exercise video, take a look at the type of exercise the video teaches. Some examples of popular aerobics are step, sports or dance-based. Many aerobics fans prefer videos that include "cross-training," that is, the video offers several different types of exercise. Choose a video that is similar to an activity you already enjoy and you will stick with it.

More tips from the 100 get skinny quick easy weight loss tips in the next post!

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