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Over the last number of posts, we have been learning many ways to get skinny quick and how to lose 1 pound a week. The great part about it is that these weight loss tips are easy and fit into any lifestyle.

Today's post will cover tips 24-28.

100 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Tip #24: Set your table for portion control! Using smaller dishes to serve food may actually help you to eat less. Try using a salad plate for pasta or a dessert saucer for snacks.

According to the book 50 Ways to Lose Ten Pounds (Publications International, 1994), a study showed that 7 out of 10 people on a weight loss program felt more satisfied with less food when it was served on a salad plate instead of a regular size dinner plate.

Tip #25: Researchers conducting a study about how eating fewer meals relates to weight loss found that those who do not eat breakfast may have a four to five percent lower metabolic rate than those who do!

That's why it's so important to eat breakfast. Try different types of foods until you find a few you can stick with. Otherwise, bailing out on breakfast may sabotoge your weight loss efforts.

Tip #26: Many people who habitually overeat consume their food very quickly and take large bites. If this is the case, it only stands to reason that many digestive problems like heartburn seem to crop up or worsen as we gain weight.

Eating more slowly will not only improve your digestion, but eating mindfully will allow you to appreciate what you are eating. It also helps you practice portion control and to stop eating when you feel satiated.

Tip #27: Try serving high-fiber appetizers before your meals. This helps prevent overeating and paves the way for portion control.

A salad makes a perfect healthy appetizer, but be wary of high-fat salad dressings; choose reduced- or non-fat varieties. A vegetable tray with non-fat dip or even slices of raw fruit serve as great starters, too.

Tip #28: It's time to resign from the clean plate club and practice portion control. Don't eat it all just because you think you are "supposed" to, especially when dining out on out-of-control restaurant servings.

Put half of your meal in a carry out carton before you start eating. Even if you don't want it for lunch the next day, Fido will; they don't call it a doggie bag for nothing!

More 100 get skinny quick easy weight loss tips in the next post!

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