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I hope you have found useful the 18 get skinny quick weight loss tips that we have gone over.

Truly, they are very easy and any of us can do it.

If you're ready, we gonna go over tips 19-23!

100 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Tip #19: Get that calcium

Creighton University conducted a study on calcium's effects on weight loss. They found that women who consumed 1,000 mg of calcium every day weighed nearly 20 pounds less than the women in the control group. *

Just be sure to keep your dairy fix low- or non-fat! For example, you can drink up your 1,000 mg of calcium in the form of three 8-oz. glasses of fat-free milk. Low-fat yogurt works too.
* Source: Fitness Magazine, May 2001: "Eat Smart Strategies," p. 62.

Tip #20: Keep a food diary

A recent study proved the power of keeping an accurate food diary. Volunteers were asked to keep a record of everything they consumed. Turns out most women stretched the truth ...
In fact, they were actually consuming close to 1,000 calories more than their diaries let on. Lesson learned? Keep that food diary above board and you will succeed!

Tip #21 Avoid Those Containers

Avoid eating anything directly out of the container, particularly foods that lend themselves to binges like ice cream or potato chips. It's virtually impossible to practice portion control when you eat straight out of a container.

When you eat from the sources, you're likely to fall into all-or-nothing thinking: "If I'm being this 'bad' then I should just go all the way." You'll feel more in charge of your actions by eating one serving mindfully from a dish.

Tip #22 Don't Hide!

Always remember that oversized clothes don't help camouflage problem areas. Excess fabric only makes you look bulkier. Don't try to hide under your clothes!

Tip #23 Get Prepared

It's all-too-easy to ignore portion control at dinner time when serving dishes are at the dining table. Prepare plates ahead of time and leave the dishes on the burner.
Choose vegetables as your seconds rather than meat or starches. Better still, become semi-vegetarian and treat vegetables as your main course and meat as a side dish.

More get skinny quick easy weight loss tips in the next post!

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