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Get Skinny Quick-The Top 100 Easy Weight Loss Tips

I know those of you who read these get skinny quick posts desire to lose weight in ways that will fit in easily easily with your life.

I think you will love these 100 easy weight loss which I will be sharing with you. Use what works for you and you will achieve your get skinny quick goals!

100 Easy Weight Loss Tips from

Tip #1

Eating more fiber is a great way to feel fuller throughout the day. Your breakfast can pack a fiber punch. Make sure you use whole wheat bread for toast. Choose a high-fiber cereal like raisin bran. Enjoy some fruit with its skin such as an apple.

Not only will the carbs give your energy level a boost, the fiber will give your meal extra staying-power and get you closer to the 25 grams of fiber we're all supposed to get each day.

Tip #2

Buying single serving packages of foods -- especially snacks -- is a great way to control portions. Not only will they help you eat in moderation, the nutrition information is also handy.

If single serving bags prove too pricey, measure out individual servings into plastic bags when you buy the larger size packages. Just don't reach for a second bag or this trick won't prevent overeating.

Tip #3

Is food really your friend? It's always been there for you, but if you've binged until you developed a weight problem ... with a friend like food, who needs enemies?

When you're feeling sad or stressed -- or any emotional eating cue -- pick up the phone or instant message a true friend (someone who you know will offer support). Be your own best friend and give emotional eating the cold shoulder!

Tip #4

Setting big goals does more harm than good. It's easy to get discouraged when you never seem to meet them. Instead, set mini goals and reward yourself to stay motivated.

Be realistic and treat yourself gently. The pounds didn't appear like magic, so don't expect them to **poof** and go away! ;-)

Tip #5

A food diary isn't the only "write way" to lose weight. Sit down with pen and paper and list the poor eating and health habits you have. Then brainstorm for solutions that will work for you ... remember, small changes make a big difference.

Keep that list and check off each habit that you kick. Make that checkmark a contract with yourself to never revert to that old habit again. Then, acknowledge your success with a reward!

More get skinny quick easy weight loss tips in the next post!

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