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Get Skinny Quick-Lose Weight Quick-5 More Easy Weight Loss Tips

We are continuing on our get skinny quick weight loss journey by discovering 100 easy weight loss tips!

Learn more about how to lose weight fast by following tips 14-18 today!

100 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Tip #14: Exercise raises your metabolism and causes an increased number of calories to be burned even when you're done. That means you can exercise and then sit and watch TV and you will be a calorie burning couch potato! (Work out first, veg out later!)

Have you ever seen the supplement commercial that claims: "Lose weight while you sleep!"? Well, a pill can't make that happen, but in a way, exercise can. So get moving!

Tip #15: In the mood for a cool sweet treat? Want to keep the fat and calories at a minimum? Freeze a container of lite whipped topping and you'll satisfy a craving for ice cream. Add sugar-free chocolate syrup and a cherry for that extra "oomph"!

Another delicious treat is Yoplait's Key Lime Pie low-fat yogurt. You'll swear you're eating the real thing! Best part? Calcium may help with weight loss and yogurt aids in digestive health.

Tip #16: A milkshake is a tempting sweet treat during the dog days of summer, but like ice cream, it will wreak havoc on your diet. Even small fast food style shakes have around 26 to 30 grams of fat!

For a lighter alternative choose a smoothie or make your own milkshake at home using ingredients like low-fat frozen yogurt, 2% milk, and sugar-free chocolate sauce.

Tip 17: If you know you're going to go overboard with the appetizer dinner rolls, ask the server to remove them from the table. If you ask me, it's virtually impossible to practice portion control within the scent of freshly baked bread.

Avoid the temptation to think, "It's free. I really should eat it." It may be free to your wallet, but not your waistline!

Tip #18: Do you suffer from buffet thinking? If the availability of more food items adds to your temptation level then, you'll have to answer "Yes.". A recent study suggested that the more food choices you have, the more you consume. Stick to a healthy variety of a fewer number of items and you may be less likely to overeat.

More get skinny quick easy weight loss tips in the next post!

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