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Get Skinny Quick-5 More Tips to Lose Weight Quick

In the previous post, we covered some really great tips to get skinny quick. Since we are covering 100 easy weight loss tips, I am sure you will find some that will work just for you!

100 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Tip #29: Every now and again we all have to splurge. If you've got a real hankering for your favorite fattening food, go ahead and let yourself indulge. Just meet yourself halfway: For example, get a child's size cone instead of a two-scooper. You don't feel deprived, but you are still conscious of healthy eating.

Tip #30: While we are asleep all night, our bodies go into "fasting" mode, yet another reason you shouldn't skip breakfast. Eating breakfast within the first hour after waking may actually raise your metabolism and help you burn calories more effectively throughout the day.

Tip #31: When you are following a new diet, it's easy to get stuck in a rut. Instead of dining on the same-old-same-old, find out what ethnic foods fit into your program and try something new.

Perhaps you should venture into an Indian or Vietnamese restaurant that you've never tried. Invest in an Italian cookbook if you usually prepare meat and potatoes. You may find a new cuisine you never knew you liked!

Tip #32: Self-talk really does work, whether it is positive or negative. Lift your spirits and prolong your motivation every single day by telling yourself that you can and will succeed.

You may even find that it is helpful to say self-affirming phrases out loud. Your roommates may think you've gone crazy, but when you find it is quite effective, you won't mind.

Look in the mirror today, and say, "Nothing is going to stop me from meeting my weight loss goal."

Tip #33: If you start a new diet plan that omits certain food groups, you may be falling short of your nutritional needs. To supplement any shortcomings, be sure to take a good multi-vitamin every single day. While vitamins don't actually replace eating healthful foods, they are a good way to boost nutrition

More 100 get skinny quick easy weight loss tips in the next post!

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